I grew up on dairy farm in central Minnesota. After graduating from Sauk Centre high school, I attended Concordia College in Moorhead, MN. As an undergraduate, I played D3 football and baseball for the Concordia Cobbers. Now I play intramural/city organized sports and enjoy following and watching a number of sports teams, from my high school all the way up to the professionals. When I'm not doing statistics, I'm probably outside, watching a game, cooking, reading, or brewing beer. For those that home brew and use LaTeX, here is a template for a beer recipe using the LaTeX software.

Looking for a different Weller? I am not the only PhD statistician in my family. Here is a link to my brother Grant's webpage. My brother Simon is also currently a statistics graduate student at CSU.

Outdoor activities are my favorite way to spend my free time. I've run, snow skied, boated, swam, hiked, snow shoed, mountain biked, camped, hunted, and fished in the great outdoors of Colorado and Minnesota. My two favorite activities are ice fishing, primarily in my home state of Minnesota and in neighboring Canada, and hunting in the back country of Colorado and Wyoming. Below are some of the pictures I've captured while in the great outdoors.

Moose were nearly extinct in Colorado in the 1970s, but thanks to reintroduction efforts, there are now an estimated 2,500 living in Colorado today - a great conservation success story! I saw this bull moose at Cameron Pass near Walden, CO in the summer of 2017.

The picture above on the left is of my first fish on a fly rod and was taken in spring 2019 near Steamboat Springs, CO. The picture above on the right is of my personal best walleye, a 30 inch, 10+ pound fish caught on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba in the spring of 2014.

My wife Lauren and I love to go camping and fishing with our dog Kota, who is a chocolate lab and brittany spaniel mix.

When it's cold in the backcountry, you make a fire. Here I am looking for elk on a chilly and foggy morning during the 2012 hunting season.

I captured this picture of a Rocky Mountain goat while hiking the 14ers Grays and Torreys in summer of 2016.