Zachary D. Weller, PhD

Contact Information

Institute Scientist, Data Science

GTI Energy

zweller 'at' gti.energy



I am an institute scientist, data science at GTI Energy. My primary research interests lie in spatial, Bayesian, and non-parametric statistical methods with applications in ecological, environmental, and biological problems. I am also interested in applications in energy and wildlife management. In addition to my research, I am also interested in scientific communication, the intersection of science and policy, and statistics education.

Previously, I was a senior data scientist at Pacific Northwest National Lab where I was part of the Applied Statistics and Math group in the National Security Directorate. At PNNL, I worked on projects related to environmental impacts and remediation associated with energy and national security. Before joining PNNL, I was an assistant professor of Statistics at Colorado State University where I worked in the Graybill Statistics and Data Science Laboratory and taught statistics courses. At CSU, I was involved in a long term research project to locate natural gas leaks and quantify their methane emissions.

Selected Publications and Manuscripts

For the most recent updates and more information about my publications, see my Google Scholar page.


Below is a video from a seminar I gave in the fall of 2020 to discuss our recent national assessment paper.

Here is a news clip about our methane mapping project from China Global News.

Here is a link to a story about our collaboration with Consolidated Edison, a NY utility company that used advanced leak detection technology to help prioritize leak repairs.

My colleague Joe von Fischer and I were featured on a CSU Research podcast to discuss the methane mapping project:

Below is a write-up of the Methane Emissions Symposium hosted by the Stanford Natural Gas Initiative that I participated in during Spring 2021.

NGI-Brief_2021-06_Methane Emissions Symposium.pdf

Last update: 02/08/2023