Zachary D. Weller

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Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics
Colorado State University
zdweller "at"


I am an assistant professor of statistics at Colorado State University. Along with teaching statistics classes, I also work in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University, doing research with the Dr. Joe von Fischer lab.  I completed my PhD in the Department of Statistics at Colorado State University under the advisement of Dr. Jennifer Hoeting. My primary research interests lie in spatial, Bayesian, and non-parametric statistics applied to ecological, environmental, and biological problems. My current research is funded by the Environmental Defense Fund, and I am involved in their project to locate natural gas leaks and quantify their methane emissions. In the past I have been funded by the STATMOS research network. In addition to my research, I am also interested in statistics education, and I enjoy sharing and learning new ways to teach statistics.

Last update: 11/29/2017

  • Ph.D., Statistics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. May 2017.
  • M.S., Statistics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO. December 2013.
  • B.A., Mathematics, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN. May 2011.
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Publications and Manuscripts
  • A Nonparametric Spectral Domain Test of Spatial Isotropy. Weller, Z.D & Hoeting, J.A. (2017). In review, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.
  • A Calibration-Capture-Recapture Model for Inferring Natural Gas Leak Population Characteristics Using Data From Google Street View Cars. Weller, Z.D., Hoeting, J.A., von Fischer, J.C. (2017). In revision.
  • Vehicle-based Methane Surveys Help Find Natural Gas Leaks and Prioritize Leak Repairs. Weller, Z.D., Roscioli, J.R., Lamb, B.K., Ferrara, T.W., Hamburg, S.P. & von Fischer, J.C. (2017). In revision.
  • A Meta-Analysis of Temperature Sensitivity as a Microbial Trait. Alster, C.J., Weller, Z.D, & von Fischer, J.C. (2017). In review, Global Change Biology.
  • spTest: an R Package Implementing Nonparametric Tests of Isotropy. Weller, Z.D. (2017). In press, Journal of Statistical Software. Available on arXiv
  • A Review of Nonparametric Hypothesis Tests of Isotropy Properties in Spatial Data. Weller, Z.D. & Hoeting, J.A. (2016). Statistical Science, 31(3), 305-324.
  • Reticulo-rumen Temperature as a Predictor of Calving Time in Primiparous and Parous Holstein Females. Costa, J. B. G., Ahola, J. K., Weller, Z. D., Peel, R. K., Whittier, J. C., & Barcellos, J. O. J. (2016). 
Here is a video from China Global News about our methane mapping project:

Mapping Natural Gas Leaks