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Date of Birth: Oct. 17th, 1980
B. Sc. in Physics, Kyoto University: Apr. 1999 - Mar. 2004
(Study at University of California, Santa Barbara via Kyoto Univesity Exchage program: Sep. 2001 - Aug. 2002)

M. Sc. in Physics, Kyoto University Apr. 2004 - Mar. 2006
Supervisor: Prof. Kenichi Yoshikawa, Kyoto University

Ph. D. in Physics, Kyoto University Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2009
on the subject of "Macroscopic Spontaneous Motion in Non-biological Systems"
Supervisor: Prof. Kenichi Yoshikawa, Kyoto University

Post Doctoral Researcher at Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo, Apr. 2009 - Mar. 2010

Assistant Professor at Department of Physics, Aichi University of Education, Apr. 2011- - Mar. 2013

Junior Associate Professor (Ko-shi) at Department of Physics, Aichi University of Education, Apr. 2013- Mar. 2014

Junior Associate Professor (Ko-shi) at Department of Applied Physics, Tokyo University of Science, Apr. 2014-

Brief History

1980-1990: Born in, and raised in Yokohama.
1990-1995: Live around southern part of Iwate Pref.
1995-1999: Going to High school near Kobe.
1999-2004: Undergraduate Student at Kyoto University.
2001-2002: Going to UCSB for a year, by exchange program
2004-2009: Going to Kyoto University, Graduate program
2009-2011: Postdoctorial Reseacher at The University of Tokyo
2011-2013: Assistant Professor at Aichi University of Education
2013-2014: Junior Associate Professor at Aichi University of Education
2014- : Junior Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Science

This is my brief history of my life so far. You will see that I have moved a lot. All the places I have been to have strong dialect, and as a result my Japanese is, in a sense, a little strange. When I moved from one place to another, every time I felt so sad and missed a lot. Now, after a long time passed, I can appreciate the chance to move around. I have learned the way to construct friendly relationships in various societies due to constant encounter with new type of people. Although my dialect is so mixed up, I could have a chance to challenge new environment all the time. I have also been to U. S. for a year by Kyoto university exchange program. I went to University of California, Santa Barbara. A year is too short to see all the aspect; however, I could experience various differences between Japan and U. S., like ways of life, idea, culture, and climate. All of these experiences still pose me a hint or a question to interpret this world. 

When I was in high school, I used to like to study about social science as well as natural science. I thought, however, that these interests would never intersect each other. A book, "Complex System, Emerging Science," written by M. M. Wordlop gave me a turning point to integrate these interests when I was second year in university. Autocatalyticity, hysteresis, the edge of chaos and pattern formation, as well as these fancy words, the possibility to explain human and life phenomena in a framework of physics attracted me so strong to compel me to study this field. Next year, I went to UCSB as an exchange student. At this time, I got interested in Philosophy of Science. I was fascinated to the reason why natural science is advanced so quickly than other field. The statement, "Science must be predictable and falsifiable" is imprinted to me in this time.

After I started my research career when I was senior, I met oil/water system (oil worm). The encounter with this oil water system triggered my interest towards chemo-mechanical energy transduction system, primitive life and interfacial phenomena. In order to make my ultimate interest science, I would like to always construct model system in real space, and to analyze them. 


TOEIC 980(TOEIC 2015/11/15)
Driving licence: Japanese, U. S. (expired)