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This site contains a series of how-to instructions obtained by using YSFlight since 2004*

How to Modify YSFlight Aircraft

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New Aircraft Created for YSFlight

Repainted YSFlight aircraft

Downloading and Adding a New Aircraft

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  • As of July 30, 2022, information on this site has been frozen, along with possible factual errors. Although some checking has been done, the YS2000 is not widely used.

  • I hope to add the revised models for download.

YSFlight flight Simulator is a flight simulator program written by Soji Yamakawa, with the first versions written over 20 years ago, at the time called "YS 2000". The game has had a large following, and there was active forum. However the forum and the game itself are not very active at the present time judging from the dates of the messages on the forum and also recent conversations with one or two forum members. Two repainted models I posted, however, have had about 30 views each.

Aircraft development continues, and all the models are of extremely high quality as can be seen at the forum current projects thread.

YSFlight can be downloaded at www.ysflight.com.

Although the base simulator lacks high end graphics scenery and textures (although new detailed scenery is being offered by some creators) It has an impressive range of features : multi - aircraft air combat simulation with guns and missiles, ground attack missions, anti-aircraft fire from the ground, network playing, a recorder to play back flights, and rudimentary navigation and an autopilot. Users can even create their own designs and fly them in YSFlight.

The aircraft configuration files must be edited, however to provide realistic performance in combat, eg turn rates.

Some of the models in YSFlight are quite detailed and rival the realism in appearance of more the more popular simulators, with camouflage paint and markings enhancing the effect considerably, especially with WWII era aircraft pictured below.

The BAe Hawk in Red Arrows livery is in one of the default aircraft set, with colorful and accurate paint scheme. Transparent canopies are possible, but require editing the .dnm file or using Blender scripts, if available.

The Avro Lancaster is a WW II era bomber that is modeled in YSFlight with a good level of detail and color

A screenshot from YSFlight : a Boeing 737 after take off from a lighted runway at night. This screenshot was taken in around 2008