Spring Play 2020

Directed by Megan Wright - Musical direction by Drue Gray - Produced by Kate Przybylo and Drue Gray

-YYT is currently holding auditions for our spring musical. The "Show must Go Online" is the world’s first musical written to be rehearsed and performed remotely.

-How it works: Each actor in the cast receives a 1-2 minute monologue or song to rehearse, video record, and upload. When all the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their annual musical alive…online!

-Please feel free to read over the script, listen to the songs and decide which character you would like to audition for, then signup through signup genius for an audition time slot, here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040B4CA5A82B0-yytauditions

AUDITIONS: Audio and Script

The show must go online audio: 15 TRACKS. Listen through and take note of actor names (ACTORS A-T)

If auditioning for a singing/speaking role, choose about 30 seconds of a first and second choice option to prepare for audition.

There are only 6 speaking/non-singing roles, per cast. Please read script and be familiar with parts for Actors B,C,H,I,L,N to prepare for auditions.

Note: All who audition will be given a role! We will have as many casts as needed.

Actor script