Priests from Yonkers

The following priests lived in Yonkers and were ordained:

Name of Priest:
Yonkers Address:
Ordained for:
Rev. Albert J. Nevins, M.M.
216 Voss Avenue
Maryknoll Fathers
Rev. John McCormack, M.M.
54 Edgewood Avenue
Maryknoll Fathers
Rev. Joseph A. Chinnery
146 Hildreth Place
Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Richard E. Downey, M.M.
10 Gray Place
Maryknoll Fathers
Rev. Alan A. Smidlein, M.M.
24 Lee Avenue
Maryknoll Fathers   
Rev. John J. McCallen223 So. Broadway1932Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Richard G. Ferris, O.P.4 Convent Place1932Dominican Friars
Rev. Anscar Parsons, O.F.M. Cap.8 Portland Place1936Capuchin Franciscan Friars
Rev. John F. McKenna16 Lamartine Avenue1936Archdiocese of Newark
Rev. James R. McGrath313 Hawthorne Avenue1936Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Cajeten Troy104 School Street1936Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Lester J. Lonergan29 Ravine Avenue1962Mill Hill Missionaries
Rev. Howard W. Caulkins, Jr.81 Cayuga Road1967Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Robert R. Dobbins, S.J.47 Villa Avenue1967Society of Jesus
Rev. Zachary M. Hrisko, O.S.B.29 Moquette Row1957Benedictine Fathers
Rev. Thomas B. Killackey45 Amackassin Terrace1956Maryknoll Fathers
Rev. Philip J. Reilly10 Highland Avenue1956Maryknoll Fathers
Rev. Bernard McGinn280 McLean Avenue1962Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Daniel Madura10 Cedar Street1962Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Hugh McCullough, S.D.B.N/A1973Salesian Society
Rev. Alexander Leedie, S.V.D.27 Culver Street1941Society of the Divine Word
Rev. John J. McCallenN/A1932Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Joseph C. Ryan21 Wolffe Street1938Archdiocese of New York
Rev. James M. Gilmartin632 Van Cortlandt Avenue1938Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Harold R. Kenny150 Elliott Avenue1938Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Paul E. ScullinN/A1947Franciscan Friars of the Atonement
Rev. Richard W. Rozett, S.J.101 Orient Street1962Society of Jesus
Rev. Joseph D. Ciparick, S.J.Glenwood Gardens1962Society of Jesus
Rev. Louis J. Cavanaugh, S.C.J.16 Orchard Place1951Priests of the Sacred Heart
Rev. Edward A. Pipala68 Brewster Avenue1966Archdiocese of New York
Rev. William B. Smith76 Caryl Avenue1966Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Andrew J. Walsh, Jr.17 Central Park Avenue1966Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Francis J. Sample375 South Broadway1966Archdiocese of New York
Rev. John O. Grange35 Woodlawn Avenue1966Archdiocese of New York
Rev. Ronan O'Brien, O.F.M. Cap.2 Berkeley Avenue1950Capuchin Franciscan Friars
Rev. Raymond J. Kelley, S.J.5 Lamartine Terrace1950Society of Jesus
Rev. Frederic J. Foley, S.J.5 Seminary Avenue1950Society of Jesus
Rev. Blaise Cianfaglione, O.F.M. Cap.147 Mile Square Road1964Capuchin Franciscan Friars
Rev. Edmund J. Mahoney, O.F.M. Cap.N/A1964Capuchin Franciscan Friars
Rev. William F. O'Connell, C.R.98 Convent Place1965Congregation of the Resurrection
Rev. William H. Zoshak20 Astor Place1962Archdiocese of New York