What to expect at your first yoga class............

Yoga is practiced in bare feet, leggings or shorts are best as loose/flared trousers may cause you to trip & stop your teacher from seeing your legs. Wear layers on top so you can remove them as you warm up & put them back on as we slow down & relax.

Please don't eat or drink lots before a class leave at least 2-4hours between eating & attending a class.

My students are all very nice Men/Women of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds & abilities, they will make you feel welcome. Please don't, not come back to a class because you feel that you are the worst there, everyone has to start as a beginner at some point, if you come to class regularly you will catch up with the rest of the group very quickly.

Please ensure you tell me before class if you have any injuries or problems so I can modify poses for you with out causing pain or injury. Also if you have not been well or had any recent surgery.

Any other queries please click on the contact link to the left, hope to see you at a class soon.