About my classes/timetable




18:00-19:00 over 50's Marazion school




My classes are quite dynamic, I tend to work my students quite hard so they get the full benefit from each class. I like to feel that I have got my moneys worth when I get taught, so I pass that on to my students. I also like to keep the traditional way of teaching going. I get very worried that Yoga is being changed, especially in the west where people do there own thing/style. This is not allowed as an Iyengar Yoga teacher, we have to stick to strict rules & traditions or risk our certification being taken away. If you want a gentle/soft class I am probably not the teacher for you. If you want to stretch, tone up your muscle's, feel exhilarated & learn traditional yoga passed down from teacher to teacher to student direct from the Iyengar family come along & join us. We have a different theme each week eg. hips, shoulders etc. I also use props eg blocks, belts etc to help students achieve better posture/alignment, or to make the posture easier for those who cannot manage the final pose. We always finish the class with relaxation.