About Maxine

Maxine passed introductory level 2 in October 2012 & intermediate level 1 in March 2016. She has almost 20 years Iyengar yoga practise to share. "I only teach/practice the Iyengar method as something just clicked after my very first class it was just what I needed, I don't feel the need to change it & do my own thing, it is wonderful just as it is. "

"In 2016/17/18 I spent several weeks in Pune at RIMIYI being taught by the Iyengar family. I shall be returning as regularly as finances allow, it was a magical experience. I was blessed to receive Geeta Iyengars last teachings in December 2018 in Pune.

I can't put into words what a magical thing Iyengar yoga is, regular practice has made me healthy, happy & more confident. I can't imagine my life with out yoga & when life starts to get tough an hour on my mat makes things seem much easier. It is a wonderful thing & I feel blessed to be able to share it with others. It truly is the best job in the world! :-)

I have 2 BA honours degrees 1 in textile & surface design & 1 in fine art. I LOVE cycling & have done several charity rides in the UK & abroad.

After yoga & cycling I love food I am a strict vegan & passionate vegan chef I have worked as a professional chef in a vegan cafe & a vegetarian caterer doing huge events & festivals in the UK.

I have 4 children & 3 Granddaughters.

I am happy to teach for expenses (travel, visa, food, accommodation) & a very small wage to cover my insurance, professional development, the occasional new Tshirt etc, I don't have a base/home, I don't drive, my footsteps on this planet are light but unfortunately I am not wealthy I cannot pay to teach."