Certified Iyengar yoga teacher Torbay Devon


As well as regular classes in South Devon I am available for studio cover worldwide with adults of all ages & abilities. 

I am avaliable to teach children aged 6 years up.

For private 1-1 classes in your home or a fully equipped venue please contact me.

Email: maxisnowi@yahoo.co.uk

Call/text: 07813303685

Comments from my students.............

"So, as a Personal Trainer and as one of the London 2012 Olympic Personal Trainers, I like to think I practice what I preach and always stretch after my workouts...I thought I had managed to remain fairly flexible, even with the history of my broken back...

Hmm... I definitely have a long, long way to go before I consider myself flexible! Maxine is like a rubber bendy doll with eyes in the back of her head ...she is amazing and very observant!

She has the patience of a Saint and makes sure that everyone is properly attempting the stretch and can modify a position so that absolutely anyone can do it, even hopeless ones like me!

Yoga is not just flexibility, but strength as well.  You get a workout without jumping about." Wanda Summers, February 2013, UK

“I cannot recommend Maxine highly enough. A dedicated Iyengar teacher whose enthusiasm for yoga is contagious. Changing lesson plans weekly and taking on individuals requirements meant each week flew past and left us wanting more.

Thanks to Maxine's great teaching and encouragement I am now a convert and deeply miss my lessons since moving away.” Becky Owen-Banks, November  2011, UK

 "I went to Yoga in 2011 to a class Maxine was teaching called 'Yoga for cyclists'. As a cyclist I am not bendy and to be honest I'm still not bendy, in fact so un-bendy its laughable. But I keep to going to Maxine's class because she teaches well, there's no flannel yet it is friendly and we occasionally laugh. I have done a bit of yoga before but never felt much interest until now. She always has varied programme's and helps us with good adjustments, she also likes to get to know her students so she can plan special exercises for each of us." Douglas Webb, March 2012, UK

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your classes at the Kerikeri Yoga Centre.  I appreciated all the time and energy you put into each session - especially taking care of those of us who needed that extra guidance to gain the most out of each asana.  We all learnt new ways from you on how to bend, stretch and practice Iyengar Yoga." Kay Walsh, December 2017, New Zealand

"I'm really enjoying Yoga with Maxine.  Its obvious that she has been thoroughly  trained with a sound knowledge of the postures and the physiology of them. Her classes are also very well prepared. They are different and full of variety, as she shares her knowledge with her students.  Maxine explains each posture clearly and  in detail, which makes it easy  for us to follow. She shows us alot of different uses of the props which help.  Thanks for the classes." Christine Henderson, December 2017, New Zealand

" I thoroughly recommend Maxine as yoga teacher,she does an amazing job of fitting in and getting on with it in an new environment. She is also an inspiring teacher" Alice Gatti, December 2017, New Zealand

"Maxine is a very strong teacher. Her cues are clear, her poses are beautiful, and her sequences leave my whole body feeling stronger and more limber. She also gives wonderful assists in a variety of poses and special relaxing options for savasana. I feel lucky to study with her each week." Shari Goldburg, September 2018, USA

Picture on this page taken at Tremenheere Gardens