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About Richard Wilson

I started my karate career over 30 years ago while still at school. Originally studying Shotokai Karate with the Shotokai Foundation in Maidenhead.

I was awarded my 1st Dan in 1992 and continued with Shotokai Karate for a number of years. During this time I also looked into self defense techniques as well as the traditional applications from Kata (Bunkai). I joined the SSKA in 2001 and continued with my training before aligning to TVSK in 2017. I currently hold the grade of 4th Dan as well as my Senior Instructors’ certificate.

I started High Wycombe Shotokan Karate Club in September 2011

Grading History:

1st Dan - Shotokai 1992

1st Dan – Shotokan 2003

2nd Dan - Shotokan 2007

3rd Dan - Shotokan 2010

4th Dan - Shotokan 2014

Each Karate Lesson follows a structured format. This will typically consist of:

The Warm up

This takes place at the start of each lesson. It is essential to relax and stretch the various muscle groups to be exercised throughout the lesson.

Basic Techniques (Kihon)

Depending on grade, this will consist of a number of Karate techniques in succession. This teaches the body technique and form. It is an essential part of training and aims to perfect the techniques through repetition and practice.


Kata is a series of techniques and movements that underpins Shotokan Karate. There are 27 Shotokan Katas in total ranging from beginner through to advanced. The Katas are designed to help the student master their techniques without a partner. These should be practiced regularly.

Sparring (Kumite)

Sparring is controlled and grade dependent. This provides an opportunity to build confidence and practice your techniques with someone else.

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