Parliamentary Procedure

The NAP website has several pages on parliamentary procedure.

NAP also has very convenient online courses. Take them any time, from any where, over the internet.

For a list of changes in the 11th edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, click here.

Obtaining Services of a Professional Parliamentarian

To obtain a list of professional registered parliamentarians (PRP) in Washington state, contact NAP for a free list. A PRP can serve as

  • a meeting facilitator
  • an election consultant
  • a professional presider
  • an agenda planner
  • a bylaws consultant
  • a procedure advisor
  • a seminar/workshop presenter
  • a meeting script writer
  • a minutes-taking expert
  • an officer orientation advisor
  • a parliamentary opinion writer
  • a convention consultant
  • an expert witness regarding parliamentary procedure

Email for more information.

Other Resources

Washington State Community Association Institute