Invited Speakers

Elliott Macklovitch 
Independent Consultant

What Translators Need 
to Become Happy Post-editors

The premise of this presentation is that translation and post-editing, while they clearly share a certain skillset, are activities that are nonetheless quite distinct. Although post-editing has certainly become increasingly widespread in recent years, many translators remain quite leery of it. As a translator myself, I will attempt to explain why this is so. And as a researcher with a long involvement in MT, I will suggest a set of desiderata which could perhaps reconcile some translators to post-editing.

John Tinsley
Iconic Translation Machines

What MT Developers Are Doing 
to Make Post-editors Happy


Undoubtedly, machine translation is moving towards the mainstream as individuals and organisations across the world use it more and more frequently as part of their daily processes. This is due in no small part to advances in the technology through strong global R&D efforts. As MT performance increases, adoption follows, but naturally expectations also continue to increase.

In order to meet and exceed these expectations, MT developers have been taking one of the most important courses of action: listening. As one of a biggest user groups of MT, professional translators are an important voice in the crowd and their views are keenly heard. 

In this presentation, I will look at the past, present, and future of MT development as relates to post-editors, namely, what are the most recent advances, what are the current research hot-topics, and what’s in store for the future.