1994 BMW E34

After having my '95 E34 for a few years, it was time to buy my son Tyler a car. I looked around and was disgusted by what was out there for the price range we were looking at. I ended up finding a '94 E34 525i that was in really good condition, but had a bad transmission. I ended up getting the car for $1900 USD. Trailered it home and drove it around a few miles. It acted normal until you applied more than normal acceleration, then you could feel a pretty big slip between 2nd and 3rd. We ended up pulling the car into my shop and decided to remove the transmission to have it rebuilt. After a few father/son moments we got it out, rebuilt, and back in. He has been driving it since September 2009 with only a few minor issues. He now has replaced the front brakes and rotors, a front strut cartridge, and some other routine maintenance items. Otherwise a great first car.


Added some M-Parallel Wheels from a Seven Series