Sunken Lake Trails

A number of trails into the surrounding woodlands begin around Sunken Lake.  This page will gradually be updated to include information on each trail.  A section of a topographic map of the area also gives some indications of possible trails.  We've enlarged part of the map and sketched in some trails near Little River Falls (pdf).  Yahoo maps has good satellite imagery of the area as well.

The usual disclaimers apply.  Although the information presented here is intended to be useful, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  You should always take a map, compass, appropriate clothing and equipment on a hike, and exercise your own judgment in assessing risks.

Little River Trail (google map)

The trailhead is about 1.5 km from the lodge, near the southern end of Sunken Lake (dirt road heading west, about 50-100m NW of a road heading south to Little River Lake).  It is possible to drive around the lake to the trailhead.  About a hundred metres from the road, a smaller trail branches to the right. The smaller trail will lead to a crossing of the Little River (a bit more than 1 km from trailhead), and on towards the Brandywine Brook.  Before reaching Brandywine Brook, the trail joins a logging road.  The road can be followed in a loop back to the trailhead, as indicated by the (roughly marked) lines on the google map.  Loop is about 7km.

Expect tall grass and ticks during the summer.  Parts of the trail are swampy. The enlarged topo map (pdf) mentioned above may be helpful.

A side trail leads to Little River Falls.  The trail starts before the bridge crossing Little River.  100-200m after the tiny hunting camp, you will see a sandy area to the right of the trail.  Just past this (at coordinates N 44 59.325, W 64 28.290) a trail goes off to the right.  Trail is marked by orange tape and red paint on some trees.  You'll find a clearing on the edge of a cliff (N 44 59.441, W 64 28.470).  From here a trail leads down to the falls. 

GPS coordinates: 

  • Trailhead: N44 59.416 W64 27.434
  • Little River Bridge: N44 59.273 W64 28.390
  • Confluence of Little River and Gaspereau River: N44 59.532 W64 28.598 
  • Little River Falls: N 44 59.438 W 64 28.487 
Sunken Lake River

A river runs out of Sunken lake on the west side, near where Lady Slipper Lane meets Sunken Lake Rd.  It should be possible to follow this river to the Gaspereau.  No trail has been found yet.  If you're into bushwacking, follow the river to Gaspereau River.

Moosehorn lake

A trail leading to Moosehorn lake starts on the SE of Sunken Lake.