Local History Speakers

The following speakers give talks to local groups, societies, etc.  Their charges vary.
The talks are not all known to WHHA and do not carry any endorsement from us.

 Brian Anderson
 Details here
 Anthony Annakin-Smith
 Details here
 Derek Arnold
 Details here
 Richard Baker 'Richie the   Ranger' Details here
 Judith Beastall Details here
 Michael Blackburn
 Details here
 Gillian Bolt Details here
 Angela Brabin
 Various talks on local Victorian murder trials -
 contact speaker for details
 Janet Bradshaw Details here
 Heather Butler
 Details here
 David Casement
 Details here
 Heather Chapman
 Various talks - contact speaker for details
 Gavin Chappell
 Details here
 Ken Clark
 Details here
 John Michael Corfe
 Details here
 June Corner Details here
 Elizabeth Davey
 Various talks - contact speaker for details
 Roy Dennett
 Details here
 Bernard Dennis Details here
 Dr Clare Dudman
 Details here
 Chris Hampshire
 0151 327 4511
 07809 150 929
 Talk - "Hadlow Road Station"
 John Hatfield
 Details here
 Steve Harding
 Talks - "Vikings in Wirral & NW", "DNA ancestry".   Talks can be  tailored to particular regions of   Wirral.  Details www.nottingham.ac.uk/-sczsteve 
 David Hearn
 Details here
 Edward Hilditch
 Details here
 Bill Johnstone
 Details here
 Robert Jones Details here
 Dave Joy
 Details on the Talks/Events page here
 Bob Knowles Details here
 Ron Martin Details here
 David Mitchell Details here
 Ray O'Brien
 Details here
 Glynn Parry
 Details here
 Carla Phillips
 Details here
 Rob Philpott Details here
 Stephen Pickles
 Talk - "History of Bidston Lighthouse and Signals"
 Phil Pritchard Details here
 Ken Pye Details here
 Stephen Roberts
 Details here
 Mike Royden Details here
 Dave Thomas  07807 946 830
 Talk - "History of the Anderton Boat Lift"
 Peter Threlfall
 Details here
 Rina Tillinger Details here
 Mary Ward Details here
 Celia Webber Details here
 Graeme White Details here
 Gee Williams Details here
 Jerry Williams Details here