About Us

Who are we?

The Wirral History and Heritage Association was set up in 2008 to act as an umbrella organisation for all Local History and Heritage Societies within Wirral.

Our aim

Our aim is to bring together individuals and organisations interested in every aspect of Wirral's heritage and local history in order to promote and encourage an awareness and enjoyment of the peninsula's unique past.


Links with Wirral Borough Council

Though the Association assumed the role of the former Wirral History and Heritage Forum, established by the Council in March 2004, it is now fully independent of the Council.  It has an elected Committee, is formally constituted and holds its Annual General Meeting in November.  In furtherance of its aims the Association still maintains a close working relationship with Wirral Borough Council.

Committee Members

 Paul Smith, Chair
 Stephen Pickles, Vice Chair
 Chris Morris, Secretary & Membership Secretary
 John Lindley, Treasurer
 Mike Curtis, Web Administrator
 Elizabeth Davey
 Peter France
 Brian Higgins
 Brian Sinton
 Tom Green
 Diana Lane

What we do

Arrange a programme of occasional talks for members and the general public on topics of historical or heritage interest.


Maintain a local register of buildings of interest and merit.


Present the annual Wirral Horn Award to the individual or organisation who had made an exceptional contribution to the field of Wirral History and Heritage.




The Association arranges an annual History and Heritage Fair every Spring, for both member societies and commercial organisations.


The Association has assumed responsibility for organising and promoting the Wirral programme for Heritage Open Days.




The Association is able to loan the following items, free of charge, to member organisations for use at society meetings.

                 Display boards

                 A laptop and digital projector



Membership Application

A membership application form is attached below.  It can be viewed by clicking on the filename or it can be downloaded using the downward-facing arrow.

Mike Curtis,
Jan 15, 2016, 2:28 AM