Sustainable Bird Food


Eco-friendly Bird Suet- Now available in 12oz bars and refillable suet logs

Our suet is made from local butcher waste & mixed with a variety of seeds & berries, responsibly collected from local native wildflowers, trees & shrubs. The seeds used will help restore natural areas by sprouting from bird droppings & providing food for birds & other native fauna. The best way to feed birds is to provide a healthy population of native plants in your community. This suet mix is not just for the bird enthusiast but for all nature enthusiasts!

We have several suet mixes available, all contain seeds of at least 10 native species and are NUT FREE.

Prices: $5.00 for 12oz. bar or $20.00 for 5 12oz. bars Drilled Suet Logs $20 *All taxes included.