Consider extending the natural habitat on your property to support a healthy, biologically diverse ecosystem in your very own backyard~

We can help naturalize your farm, home, business or school.

  • invasive species removal /management

  • seed collection services and distribution

  • turn your property into a wildlife haven and attract birds and butterflies

  • using locally grown native plants appropriate to the site

  • help endangered species by providing a habitat where they can feed and breed

  • buffer strips near roadways and waterways - diverse shrub plantings work as "living fences"

  • connecting fragmented natural areas

  • restore seasonal feeding grounds for our migrating friends

  • planting for erosion control and to increase water quality

  • roadside plantings using native species that can handle harsh pollutants like salt and vehicle exhaust. They can provide a windbreak to prevent topsoil erosion on farmer’s fields while improving crop yield. Roadside plantings can also make roads safer by creating a sunlight and snow drift barrier for drivers.

Meadow Creation - Great for songbirds, butterflies and other pollinators, we can take a small portion of farm field or a front or back yard, and create a beautiful habitat for endangered Carolinian species.

Wetland Habitats - Using native species to clean water, stabilize erosion issues, and provide food for native fauna. Identifying and removing invasive species in and around aquatic areas can be critical as they can spread very fast in waterways and the need for chemical free removal is even higher in aquatic areas. We have designed 1.25m x 1.25m floating plant sections to maximize wildlife habitat in a large pond with very little shore or shallow areas.

Healthy Woodlots - Ash trees and Beech trees are suffering from bugs and pathogens in Southern Ontario. Climate change and invasive species are stressing healthy ecosystems. Forests are losing large patches of mature growth and it's as critical as ever to develop and execute a plan to restore and protect the health of your forest.

Gravel Pit /Aggregate Property Restorations - We have assisted with rehabilitating several former gravel pit and aggregate properties into healthy natural areas by planting native species, removing invasives, and creating lists of species tolerant to various types of soil conditions.