Native Plants

Native Plants~ Species that are naturally found in an area

  • are adapted to local site conditions such as soil composition, growing season length, annual rainfall, available water and sunlight, wind exposure, freeze/thaw cycles, browsing/ feasting by local wildlife, pests and disease

  • are critical for local wildlife as many species have developed together over many millennia and are dependent on each other, for example many species of butterfly have only one host plant.

  • provide food and shelter for wildlife throughout the seasons

  • aesthetically pleasing, give structure & colour to your garden year round

  • reduce burden on water resources, especially when used instead of lawns

  • using locally sourced plants reduces greenhouses gases and ensures plants can tolerate local conditions

  • require less time, water, effort and money when you choose plants that are adapted to the specific site

  • can provide solutions for sites with harsh conditions

Maintaining a diverse genetic makeup of species~

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