Landscape Projects

This page includes information about--and photographs of--several long-term landscape projects I designed, planted, and continue to oversee in the Eugene area.  Sites include:

                                1) Lane Community College (the landscape surrounding the Math and Science Building)
South Eugene High School (the Willamette Valley Courtyard)
                                3) The Collegian apartments (1810 Alder Street in Eugene)
                                4) Safeway at 18th and Oak (park strip conversion from concrete to trees)

For detailed information about any of these four sites, just click on the appropriate attachment below.

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For more than 20 years, I ran a small business as a landscape designer and consulting horticulturist.  Most of the jobs were for residential clients and involved the development of a landscape plan that the clients themselves eventually installed and cared
for.  My preference, however, was for jobs where I did the design, installed the plants, and oversaw the care of the landscape, at least during the establishment period of three to five years--because that way, I retained control over the direction the young landscape took and ensured that it developed as I had planned.

The earliest projects were relatively conventional and included mostly non-native plants that required the care of a skilled horticulturist to be really successful.  Over time, however, my philosophy changed.  With my broad background in landscape design (how to use plants in artificially created landscapes), horticulture (how to grow and care for plants), and ecology (understanding how natural biotic communities develop and change over time), it was inevitable that I would become a designer of what these days are sometimes called "natural (or native) landscapes" that:  1) utilize plants native to the region; 2) arrange those plants as one might find them in nature (i.e., never in rows or evenly spaced!); and 3) require very little care since, unlike most modern landscapes, they are designed to work with nature rather than against it.

Natural landscapes, at least as I define them, can consist of native plants arranged in a somewhat traditional horticultural fashion, or they can be an attempt at restoring or re-creating locally-indigenous natural habitats (grassland, savanna, or woodland/forest).

As a teacher--and as a proponent of an approach to landscaping that is unconventional--I make sure that all of my project sites include informational signs explaining what is going on and why, as well as contact information so that interested passersby might learn more.

The Collegian apartments at 18th and Alder in Eugene, Oregon.

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