Welcome to Whitey's World

The entry to my home in mid-September.  These are Douglas asters
native to this part of the Willamette Valley in western Oregon.
They bloom almost continuously from late August through early
November.  Near walkways like this, I cut them back severely
in early summer, so the plants don't get so tall and lanky.

This is a September to remember!  For the first time in many years, we've had significant rain here in the Eugene area well before "The Rains" usually arrive, so everything is green and clean again after our summer drought.

Most of the past years, it's been dry well into October, and sometimes even early November.  With all the agricultural dust that settles on everything in late summer, plants would always look just awful until the first good rains.  But this year, they already look absolutely great, and everything is re-hydrated after the drought.

The normal September precipitation total for Eugene is 1.67 inches.  At my rain gauge, however, we've had nearly six inches so far this month--and the month's not over.  That's quite impressive.

The temperatures, alas, have been well below normal as well, so tomato, zucchini, and cucumber plants have all shut down, thinking the "rainy season" has already begun.  But we'll still have plenty of sunny, warm days through much of October.  Just because we had unusually heavy rains for a week in September doesn't mean that October is likely to be the same.  Nonetheless, I hear plenty of people complaining already about the rain.  For me, it's just "raindrops from Heaven, kissing my cheeks."  It's all about attitude.

And Life goes on!


While looking in the other direction when in The Woods this past
week, this little guy decided to investigate the ziplock that
serves as my "wallet" and holds a variety of other essentials.
When I turned back around and noticed him/it there, I
actually said "eek!"  But these huge slugs are quite harmless.

I don't care much for American cucumbers--just kind of tasteless
and with very thick skins.  But so-called ENGLISH cucumbers
(shown here) are completely different and absolutely delicious!
And yes, that ruler is not lying:  the one cuke is 18 inches long.

(Updated 20 September 2019)