William Fuchs

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2000-2005 Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford, CA

• PhD. in Economics

• Advisors: T. Sargent and A. Skrzypacz

1995-1999 Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Licenciatura in Economics and Licenciatura in Business

• Advisor: Juan Pablo Nicolini


Current: Professor and Spurgeon Bell Centennial Fellow McCombs School of Business

Investigador de Excelencia Universidad Carlos III Madrid

CEPR Research Fellow

2009-2017 Assistant Professor Berkeley-Haas Finance Group.

2005 - 2009 Assistant Professor and Thornber Research Fellow, Department of Economics,

University of Chicago.

1999-2000 Business Analyst at Hermes Management Consulting (Argentina)


Published and Forthcoming Papers:

Monetary Union with Voluntary Participation (with Francesco Lippi)

Review of Economic Studies No.2, Volume: 73, April 2006.

CEPR/ESI Prize 2004 for the Best Central Bank Research Paper.

Contracting with Repeated Moral Hazard and Private Evaluations

American Economic Review Volume 97, Number 4 September 2007. .

Bargaining with Arrival of New Traders (with Andy Skrzypacz)

American Economic Review Volume 100 Number 3 June 2010

Matching Problems with Expertise in Firms and Markets (With Luis Garicano)

Journal of the European Economic Association April-May 2010.

Bridging the Gap: Bargaining with Interdependent Values (with Andy Skrzypacz)

Journal of Economic Theory (2013)

Bargaining with Deadlines and Private Information (with Andy Skrzypacz)

American Economic Journal Microeconomics (2013)

Subjective evaluations: The bonus as a signal of performance

American Economic Journal Microeconomics Feb 2015

Optimal Contracting and the Organization of Knowledge (with L. Garicano and L. Rayo).

Review of Economic Studies (2015)

Government Interventions in a Dynamic Market with Adverse Selection (with Andy Skrzypacz)

Journal of Economic Theory (2015)

Adverse Selection, Slow Moving Capital and Misallocation (with Brett Green and Dimitris Papanikolaou)

Journal of Financial Economics (2016)

Transparency and Distressed Sales under Asymmetric Information (with Aniko Oery and Andy Skrzypacz)

Theoretical Economics (2016)

Information Spillovers in Asset Markets with Correlated Values (with Vladimir Asriyan andBrett Green)

American Economic Review (2017)

From Equals to Despots: The Dynamics of Repeated Group Decision Taking with Private Information ( Vinicius Carrasco and Satoshi Fukuda )

Journal of Economic Theory (2019)

Costs and Benefits of Dynamic Trading in a Lemons Market (with Andy Skrzypacz)

Review of Economic Dynamics (2019)

Liquidity Sentiments (with Vladimir Asriyan andBrett Green)

American Economic Review (2019)

Optimal Arrangements for Distribution in Developing Markets: Theory and Evidence (with Brett Green andDavid I. Levine)

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2021)

Aggregation and Design of Information in Dynamic Markets with Adverse Selection (with Vladimir Asriyan andBrett Green)

Journal of Economic Theory (2021)

Survey on Bargaining with Asymmetric Information (with Andy Skrzypacz)

Forthcoming in a book by Palgrave Mac Millan: Current Research and Future Directions in Bargaining.

Self-enforcing Contracts with Persistence (with Jangwoo Lee andMartin Dumav)

Forthcoming at the Journal of Monetary Economics

Fellowships and Awards:

• UTDT: Gold Medal for best GPA

• Stanford GSB Fellowship

• Jaedicke Prize (Stanford GSB)

• SIEPR Dissertation Fellowship

• Mariscal de Ayacucho Fellowship

• Landau Prize for Best Student Working Paper (Stanford)

• Review of Economic Studies European Tour 2005

• NSF Grant 2008-2010

• NSF Grant 2013-2015

• AER Refereeing Award 2011,2016

• European Research Council Consolidator Grant 2016-2021

• 2018 Utah WBEC Conference Eric Zitzewitz award.

• Hoover National Fellowship (Declined)

Professional Service

Editorial Work:

Associate Editor for the American Economic Review 2012 -2014.

Associate Editor for the Journal of Mathematical Economics 2019

Associate Editor for the Journal of Economic Theory 2019-

Refereeing : American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies, Review of Economic Dynamics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, NSF, Econometrica, Theoretical Economics, Journal of Finance, RAND, JEMS, AEJ Micro, JoLE, JFE.

Conference Organization: Organizer MadMac Summer 2006 meeting- Committee Member for the SED 2008 and 2009 Meetings. Committee Member for the Econometric Society Summer 2012 meetings. Organizer Spring 2013 Finance Theory Group meetings, Barcelona Forum 2017. Finance Theory Group Summer 2019 Meetings.

Board Member of the Finance Theory Group 2017-2018

Students (Year, Placement, Role)

Alejandro Rodriguez -Chicago (2006, SUNY Buffalo, Committee member)

Pierre-Alexandre Noual -Chicago (2007, Citibank, Committee member)

Mariano Lanfranconi -Chicago (2012, Moody's Analytics, Committee member)

Narahari Phatak -Berkeley (2012, US Securities and Exchange Commission, Committee member)

James McLoughlin -Berkeley (2012, Berkeley Analytics, Committee member)

Pratish Patel -Berkeley (2013, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Co-Chair)

Aniko Oery -Berkeley (2014, Yale SOM, Co-Chair)

Victoria Vanasco -Berkeley (2014, Stanford GSB, Co-Chair)

Vladimir Asriyan -Berkeley (2014, CREI, Co-Chair)

Michele Muller -Berkeley (2016, Notre Damme, Co-Chair)

Satoshi Fukuda -Berkeley (2017, Bocconi University, Co-Chair)

Santiago Truffa -Berkeley (2017, Tulane University, Committee member)

Greg Weitzner-UT Austin (2020, McGill University, Committee member)

Mark Whitmeyer -UT Austin (2020, University of Bonn, Committee member)

Onursal Bagirgan -UC3M (2020, Ozyegin University, Chair)

Jangwoo Lee -UT Austin (2021, CUHK, Chair)

Vasudha Jain (2021, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Committee member

Shaofei Jiang UT Austin (2022, University of Bonn, Committee member)

Invited Presentations and Discussions (since 2010)

2010: University of Washington Seattle, Washington University St Louis, Universidad Torcuato di Tella.

2011: Utah Business Economics Conference, 4th Meeting Finance Theory Group at Stanford, Conference on Recent Advances on Bargaining theory, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin Italy, Discussant at NBER Corporate Finance Meeting at Stanford, Discussant at the 2011 Financial Research Association Meeting, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

2012: 6th Meeting of the Finance Theory Group at Harvard, North American Meeting of the Econometric Society, Semi Plenary Talk at the 2012 European Summer Symposium in Economic Theory, University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, Discussant at the University of Washington Summer Finance Meetings, University of Mannheim Department wide Seminar, University of Toulouse, University of Bonn.

2013: University of Texas Austin, NBER Corporate Finance Meeting in Chicago, Society of Financial Studies Finance Cavalcade, University of Bocconi, Einaudi Institute for Finance and Economics, Conference on Private Information, Interdependent Preferences and Robustness: Theory and Applications at the Max Planck Institute, Annual Meeting of the Western Finance Association, Discussant at the Red Rock Finance Conference, NYU Stern School of Business, Northwestern University, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Conference of the Foundation for the Advancement of Research in Financial Economics at MIT, UCLA Anderson School of Business, Duke Fuqua, London School of Economics Finance Department.

2014: Utah Winter Finance Conference, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, Invited Applied Theory Initiative Fellow at Chicago Booth, Paris School of Economics (Roy Seminar), Copenhagen Business School, Mannheim Conference on Mechanism Design by an Informed Principal, CSEF-IGIER Symposium on Economics Institutions, Einaudi Institute for Finance and Economics, Centro de Estudios Monetarios y Financieros (CEMFI), University of Washington Summer Finance Meetings, Minnesota Workshop in Macroeconomic Theory, UCLA, Caltech, University of Miami, Brown University, Columbia Business School, NYU, Wharton Conference on Liquidity and Financial Crises (discussant), CREI/Universitat Pompeu Fabra, University of Sidney, University of New South Wales, University of Melbourne.

2015: Jackson Hole Finance Conference, Berkeley (Econ), Stanford, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Yale, UC Davies, Central European University, University of Munich, Humbolt University Berlin, 8th Paul Woolley Centre Conference at LSE, CERGE, Barcelona Forum, Relational Contracts Conference Munich, Carlos III, Society for Economic Dynamics Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, University of Washington Seattle, Olin Business School at Washington University St Louis (x2), University of Colorado Boulder, University of Minnesota, USC, Swiss Finance Institute, Workshop on Economic Policy and Financial Frictions at the European University Institute, Sciences Po (Paris), INSEAD, Bocconi University (Milan), London School of Economics (Management), Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management (Strategy), Fourteenth Annual Columbia/Duke/MIT/Northwestern IO Theory Conference.

2016: University of Calgary, Boston University, Princeton University, University of Edinburgh, University of Essex, CUNEF, European University Institute, "Workshop Decentralized Markets with Informational Asymmetries" at Collegio Carlo Alberto, discussant at 2nd Workshop on Relational Contracts.

2017: CREI, CEMFI, Universidad Carlos 3 Madrid, University of Stockholm, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona, NHH (Bergen), Advances in Information Economics Conference, 2017 SED Conference Edinburgh, Barcelona Forum 2017, Finance Theory Group Minneapolis Meetings, 2nd LAEF Workrshop on OTC Markets and Securities, University of Rochester, Macro Finance Society Boston Meetings.

2018: European Winter Finance Conference (Discussant), Utah Business Economics Conference, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona, University of Rochester, Conference on Fragmented Financial Markets at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, University of Zurich, University College London, Review of Economics Studies Anniversary Conference in Copenhagen, Financial Intermediation Research Society Barcelona Meetings, Cambridge University, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Theoretical Research in Development Economics Conference, Helsinki Graduate School of Economics, Annual Meeting of the Spanish Economic Association.

2019: Utah Winter Business Economics Conference, University of Mannheim (Germany), Universidad Carlos 3 Madrid, Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory Conference, Madrid Finance Forum, Queen Mary University London, University of Minnesota Business School, University of Minnesota Economics Department.

2020: Joint Berlin/Bonn Theory Seminar, Online Finance Theory Seminar, Boston College, Plenary Panel at the annual meeting of the Spanish Economic Association (scheduled).

2021: University of Vienna, University of Durham, UC3M, Bocconi University, London Business School (scheduled), INSEAD (scheduled), UCL (scheduled).

2022: University of Utah Business Economics, University of Utah Finance, Finance Theory Webinar, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management


• Fluent in Spanish and working knowledge of Italian

• US Citizen

• IZA Research Affiliate, CEPR Fellow