Owens/East   - Boston Bulldogs
Kalas/Central - Joplin Tornadoes
Mack/West    - Houston Colt .45's

Rayne Rajin' Cajuns
Philadelphia Athletics


Boston - 7, Joplin - 4

Boston - 7, Houston - 5
Joplin - 7, Rayne - 5

Rayne - 7, Philadelphia - 5




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3B Joey Gallo (L) and SS Carlos Correa (R) 
at top of top-rated Pack farm system

The 2015 WFBL Futures rankings were released last night, and the Portland Wolfpack are now the leaders of the league's prospect pack.

The Portland rise is a direct result of an intentional rebuilding of the franchise by GM Keno Leighty. He'll need those kids to come through, because 4 of the top 8 organizations overall come from the Mack/West.

Following the Pack are two of the perennial 'Beasts of the East', Montreal and Boston. The Expos and Bulldogs appear well positioned to remain at or near the top of the league's standings well into the future.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ranking were two of the league's bottom of the standings clubs from recent seasons. Both Detroit (17) and New York (18) have a lot of work to do in trying to build themselves up to a .500 level, let alone a winning one.

The rankings were compiled by the Commissioner, who utilized the Top 100 Prospects lists from a handful of the most respected resources around: MLB Pipeline, ESPN, Baseball America, Fangraphs, and Baseball Prospectus.

Those lists were examined first for the quantity of prospects from each of the WFBL minors systems, and then looked at further for the higher ranked prospects in order to separate close systems from one another.

These rankings cannot possibly be considered as definitive. But they do paint a very realistic picture of where each organization stands in regards to having control of the most highly-regarded prospects at the current time.

Click on the link to the left in order to see the complete 1-18 ranking, along with a writeup of each organization, as well as photos of some of the more intruiging prospects.

all GM's should be checking over this homesite, beginning with their individual rosters. Check to ensure that your players are listed at appropriate positions, with the appropriate MLB org, and that any players with options have the correct number. 

Further, check the Master Roster. Make sure that every player listed with your team initials actually is under your current control. Also ensure that every player on your individual roster is also on the Master.

Take a few minutes to look over the Draft picks section at both your individual roster, and at the Draft page at this home site. Make sure all picks you control are reflected properly at both.

The CBS stats site now has the official 2015 WFBL regular season schedule. Please ensure that your team is playing the standard home-n-home with divisional foes, and once each against all others.

The WFBL Majors Draft is scheduled for Saturday evening, March 28th at 9:30pm EDT. The roster cutdown deadline is set for Sunday, March 22nd at 11:59pm PDT.

Houston remains the only team to not as yet pay the $10 League Fee is now due. It can be sent via check/cash through snail mail, or better through Paypal to





GM's MUST regularly check their team Roster, the Master Roster, the Transactions page, the DL, and the Draft pages here to ensure that ALL of their transactions reflect properly, especially in the immediate aftermath of any transactions.
You should check to ensure that all players you control have your club initials next to them on the Master, and that no player has your initials whom you do not control.
Check that your players have the proper MLB team assignment. Check that their position eligibility for WFBL purposes is listed properly for all Majors-eligible players.
Check that you always are within the legal limits of 25 in Majors, 15 in AAA, 10 in AA. In your Minors, ensure that hitters in AAA have not reached 1,200 Plate Appearances, and that pitchers in AAA have not reached 500 Innings Pitched or 150 Games Pitched. Also ensure that all players in AA have no MLB appearances whatsoever.
Check your players DL status, and ensure that if a player is activated in MLB, that you activate him immediately in WFBL.
If a player gets traded or otherwise changes their MLB team, ensure that this site is updated to reflect that new club designation.
You should likewise check the CBS site during the season to ensure that all player information there reflects properly, especially your current starting lineup. Also ensure that any players listed as under your control actually are, and let the Commissioner know if any player you do control is not listed, but appears to be in the CBS database. In the off-season, ensure that any moves you make to clean up your roster are reflected at CBS as well. 
Let the Commissioner know immediately of any needed adjustments that come to your attention. Paying close attention to your individual roster and the entire league is what helps keep the WFBL running smoothly.


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