Philadelphia   16-5-1      

Joplin            18-2-2       

Spokane       12-9-1        

Boston         13-7-2      
Rayne          13-8-1       

Rayne- 6, Boston - 6
RA advances on TB #1: HTH 8-4 reg season victory

Rayne - 7, Joplin - 4
Spokane - 7, Philadelphia - 5

Rayne - 7, Spokane - 5





The Winter Meetings will run for three weeks this year

For the first time ever, the WFBL 2018 Winter Meetings will run for three weeks. This year's limited trading period runs from January 1 through January 21, 2018.

Any deals approved by the league with agreement from both GM's by December 30, 2017 will actually become final on that date. However, they will show in our Transactions as having taken place on the first of January.

The Winter Meetings period runs at this same time each year. It is meant as a chance for the WFBL to enjoy a little baseball action in the middle of winter. After three months off, and with three months left until the new season, it is the perfect time for a taste.

The Meetings can mark an important opportunity to prepare a roster for the upcoming season. Deals made at this time have helped teams catapult themselves into contending status. They are also a great chance for a rebuilding club to flip veterans for prospects and draft picks.

These 2018 Winter Meetings will also be the official kickoff for the WFBL's 20th anniversary season. The 2017 campaign was the 20th in league history. 

The league will celebrate it's actual 20th birthday on June 23rd. That was the date on which the very first franchise was awarded. That team was the Louisiana Longballers, awarded to WFBL Hall of Famer Sid Credeur. The franchise is now the Omaha Royals.

If anyone has any questions regarding the Winter Meetings, please see the Rules. You can also email or text the Commissioner at any time.


For any questions, comments, or suggestions, or to be added to the waiting list for any future GM openings, send email to: Commissioner Matt Veasey at 



GM's MUST regularly check their team Roster, the Master Roster, the Transactions page, the DL, and the Draft pages here to ensure that ALL of their transactions reflect properly, especially in the immediate aftermath of any transactions.
Check to ensure that all players under your franchise control have your franchise initials next to them on the Master. Also that no player has your franchise initials whom you do not control.
Check that players on your roster in Majors and Minors have the proper MLB team assignment. Check that their position eligibility for WFBL purposes is listed properly for all Majors-eligible players.
Check that you always are within the legal limits of 25 in Majors, 15 in AAA, 10 in AA. 

In your Minors, ensure that hitters in AAA have not reached 1,000 Plate Appearances, and that pitchers in AAA have not reached 400 Innings Pitched or 120 Games Pitched. Also ensure that all players in AA have no MLB appearances whatsoever.
During the Roster Season, check your DL status, and ensure that if a player is activated in MLB, that you have activated him immediately in WFBL.
If a player gets traded, signs as a free agent, or otherwise changes their MLB team, ensure that your roster has been updated to reflect that new MLB club designation.
Check the CBS site to ensure that all player information there reflects properly. In-season this will especially include your current starting lineup. At all times, ensure that any players listed as under your franchise control actually are, and let the Commissioner know if any player you do control is not listed, but appears to be in the CBS database. In the off-season, ensure that any moves you make to clean up your roster are reflected at CBS as well. 
Let the Commissioner know immediately of any needed adjustments that come to your attention. Paying close attention to your individual roster and the entire league is what helps keep the WFBL running smoothly.



Matthew Veasey,
Apr 18, 2012, 3:34 PM