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What type of hive should I get? These videos explain some of the different types of hives you can find.

Thinking you want to start raising you own bees? Here are some helpful videos to get you started.

What are the different bees in your hive? These are the main types you'll find in your hive.

So you purchased your bees, now what? These videos will show you how to install them into your new hive.

My hive is starting up, what do I expect now? As the beekeeper you will need to care for your bees.

What is swarming and how do I prevent it? More Info

So you're ready for the harvest? These videos provide a starting point.

What about all this wax? These videos provide a starting point, and maybe some ideas what to do with it all!

Are there any issues with beekeeping? Other than the ones already mentioned above, here are a few more to look out for.


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