Wessex Metal Detecting Association

Newbury, Berkshire

We meet at 8.00pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday in every month - at the Conservative Club - Newbury

We always welcome visitors - just come along to any meeting.

Email wessex.club@gmail.com for further details - or see below.

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Club Nights

 We meet twice a month at the Conservative Club, by the railway station in Newbury. If you would like to come along and see what we are about, please just turn up around 8.00pm. You don't need to book in advance.  The Conservative club is located just off the ring road, next to the train station. To get into the club, you will need to push the button on the entry phone (by the front or rear door) and just tell the barman that you are visiting the detecting club.  If you are arriving by car, there is an access controlled barrier to the rear car park. Our members have key fobs which allow them through. It will be necessary for non-members to try and find on-street parking. If all else fails, you can park in Sainsbury's across the road for two hours.

Currently, we cannot accept any new members but if you are interested in joining at a later date, please drop us a line and we will add your name to the waiting list. In the meantime, you are welcome to come along to a club meeting to see if it's what you are looking for.


The first Wednesday is primarily a social event, where we try to organise something of interest, like a talk, a quiz or an auction. The third Wednesday is our "Find of the month" event where members (and guests) display their recent finds. We vote on the finds and offer a small prize for the best coin, artefact and display. Points are awarded for everything displayed and extra points added for winning. These are carried forward to the annual prize-giving where the winners with the most points are awarded more substantial prizes.


Find of the Month - Results 2014

Find of the Month - Results 2013

Find of the Month - Results 2012

Club Sites


We have numerous club sites around Berkshire and North Hampshire. Each site has a site organiser who will keep in contact with the farmer to find out when land becomes available to detect. The site meetings tend to be on a Sunday, from 10.00am onwards. We charge a small site fee (currently £10.00 for members and £15.00 for guests) which is given in full to the farmer or his chosen charity. Until recently, we had not needed to pay for any of our sites, but with the emergence of commercial clubs paying farmers to detect, we have been forced to do the same. We are always looking for new sites and will reward any member who can find us somewhere suitable to detect. As we are a small club, we can make good use of small sites that would not be of interest to the commercial organisers.


We also try to organise coach trips to do a bit of beach or river detecting. In recent years we've visited the Thames foreshore a few times and Weymouth beach. We have also joined forces with Mick Turrell of Leisure Promotions for short break detecting holidays in Guernsey.


Other Activities


For the last few years, we have arranged a subsidised Christmas meal for all paid up members. For two years running, we went to the Hind's Head in Aldermaston, and for another Christmas we visited the Old Mill, also in Aldermaston and last year we visited the Spring Inn at Sulhampstead. We hope we can continue with this tradition as it's a great social event which is enjoyed by all.   Following our party at the Old Mill, the owner  offered to allow us to detect around the hotel. We subsequently organised a good family day out including a cold buffet lunch in the hotel. For the last two years, we have used to Conservative Club 'in-house' caterers for our Christmas meal - which proved to be a success. 


We try to organise at least one cultural trip per year to a museum or exhibition. in the past these have included the British Museum, The Pompeii Exhibition at the Italian Institute and the Museum of London. Suggestions are always welcome for further outings. We try to organise transport for all but the most local events, as it makes it into a more enjoyable experience.



For many years we organised a large annual charity rally with guests arriving from across the country, but more recently we have been working with local landowners to arrange multiple smaller charity events, supported by our own membership and by inviting trusted friends from other local clubs. This has been surprisingly successful and has helped us to find further really good sites for these events. If you are interested in being invited to any of these "mini rallies", please drop us an email. wessex.club@gmail.com


You can see some of the finds from the earlier rallies in the pages below.


Click here to see Rally Report - September 2007


Here are a few photos showing some of the artefacts from the first Englefield Rally - You can click on the page to enlarge the images

Click here to see the Coin finds  from the first Englefield rally

Click here to see the artefacts from the 2007  Englefield rally

Click here to see the coins from the 2007 Englefield rally

Press report on Bronze Age Ring Money found at our first Englefield Rally.

(Please excuse the error about FID organising the event!)



Link to information on Ashmore Replica Coins

Trevor Ashmore was a part time  coin dealer in the 1960 who  manufactured replica coins. These coins are now causing real problems to dealers and collectors alike. Have a look at the attached document for details. This information was kindly supplied by John Philpotts of Coins & Antiquities. Click on the link to email John. He is based in Marlborough and would love to hear from you if you are looking to buy or sell any coins or artefacts.



External Links

Here are a few useful links - please email your suggestions for more links.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme

Mick or Pete Turrell at Leisure Promotions - Phone 0330 22 3082 / 01635 597975 Our local Detecting shop

Anni Byard - Our local Finds Liaison Office. Phone (01865) 300557. West Berks Website.

John Philpotts of Coins and Antiquities, Marlborough - Phone 07793 676309.

Chris Rudd - Celtic Coins.

Tony Clayton - Photos of UK Coins.

Coins of Great Britain - Another good photo resource.

The British Numismatic Society

Regton links page 

Council for British Archaeology (CBA)

The Weekend Wanderers

Detecting Links site

The Searcher Magazine

Treasure Hunting Magazine

Suggestions for items to be added to this web-site are most welcome. Please email wessex.club@gmail.com


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