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 Kat Out of the Bag - Harlequin edition (Harper Collins), available 2/20/24 - Kat Out of the Bag - 

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Dangers, Divas, and Frothy Delights

Cherry Shakes in the Park

Where mystery and romance blend

Kat Out of the Bag - First book of the In Purse-Suit Mysteries - Published by  The Wild Rose Press, distributed by Harper Collins starting December, 2023   

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From designer bags to body bags . . . .

Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash - prequel, Available at retailers including: 

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A chilling cold case in idyllic Bayside

Purse-Stachio also available in anthology A Taste Of Danger

Heart of Christmas Cookies and Dreams

Ribbons of love run through it!

Delicious cookie recipe included

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Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For - 2022 Best Suspense Finalist, Killer Nashville

Dez & Leo tangle in romance and mystery

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Kat 2 - Don't Shoot The Messenger Bag

Kat 3 - A Whole New Bag

Romantic Suspense - Nikolaus & Olivia

Middle Grade Mystery series - Silly Peppers

Pursonality - Extraordinary women, and the purses that hold keys to their personalities

Enjoy The Wild Rose Press 2021 Holiday Garden Gourmet - FREE Download from the Garden of Authors, and turn to page 193 for my legendary recipe - Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For 

The Origins of Secret Santa

How It Plays A Part in Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For

How wonderfully cozy to surprise someone with a gift for the holidays, and how jolly when you're playing secret Santa. Have you ever played?

Often it's a game for a group of people. Everyone draws a name to secretly determine who they will give a gift to. Sometimes each Santa's identity is revealed after gifts are opened, or often the giver remains anonymous.

How did this tradition ever get started?

It's a game played in many different countries. In the United Kingdom a similar game is called Kris Kringle, in Ireland it's Kris Kindle. In Germany it's called Wichteln and the delightful giver isn't a Santa but a goblin or elf. In Scandinavia it's called Julklapp. In this game the gifts are left at people's houses. With a knock at the door, the giver leaves a package and gleefully runs off to watche from afar the delighted receiver's surprise.

In America, the beginnings of this modern, sweet tradition are often attributed to a man who's identity was not revealed until 2006. For more than 25 years, philanthropist Larry Dean Stewart gave anonymous gifts of $100 bills to people in Kansas. He did the same for New Yorkers after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The idea spread like Christmas lights through communities. Secret Santa became another wonderful way to light up someone's winter season.

And here's another heart warming gift of this holiday tradition, the giver is as delighted as the receiver. You don't have to pull someone's name out of a drawing to become a secret Santa. Your anonymous gifts over the holidays spread great cheer, and the real Santa is happy for the help. The more the merrier.

For my In Purse-Suit mystery series, first in the series – Kat Out of the Bag, Katherine Watson purse designer and amateur sleuth likes to gift purses year 'round. Some wonderful things can be gifted inside a woman's handbag too. Sometimes what's inside a purse can lead to a mystery, a very cozy mystery indeed.

This holiday season in Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For Desiree, teacher at Bayside's elementary school and one of Katherine Watson's friends, starts a fun secret Santa game for her first grade class. Danger hits for Desiree when someone leaves her creepy secret Santa gifts and threatens to reveal themselves soon. Time is ticking before class is out for the holidays and Desiree's threatening stalker may strike with deadly force. Desiree has several suspects, including her romantic new love Leo who is on the school's maintenance staff. While the children learn the wonderful lesson of kindness in giving, Desiree is on the edge of her seat. Who is threatening her? And is Leo The One, or The Stalker.

Holidays are a great time for surprises, and what's more surprising than a cozy mystery? Follow the clues for enjoying a beautiful holiday season. Wishing you and yours the brightest of holidays, and holiday reads.

Exciting research for Kat Out of the Bag when I did a ride along with the Edmonds Police Department K-9 Patrol - one incredible night riding with the Big Dog, named Officer Hobbs.  Find out more on my podcast, in the meantime see the picture and more on my FaceBook page at: