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The result of my passion for purses, mystery and romance is the intriguing In Purse-Suit Mysteries. My first book - Kat Out of the Bag introduces Katherine Watson purse designer/sleuth. As Kat moves from designer bags to body bags, she's uncovering clues to a murder. The prequel, Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash delves into a chilling cold case. Finalist for Best Romantic Suspense at Killer Nashville, Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For creates a tangle of mystery and love and raises suspicions about Desiree's romantic new sweetheart, Leo. A summer read that will keep you on the edge of your beach towel, Cherry Shakes In The Park blends danger, divas, and frothy delights. And ribbons of love run through my newest book, Heart of Christmas Cookies and Dreams. I enjoy investigating the Pacific Northwest life, and leave a trail of clues as a blogger, YouTube podcaster, speaker, project manager, and syndicated columnist.