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The In Purse-Suit Mysteries

Kat Out of the Bag

Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash

Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For - Romantic/Mystery Coming Soon!

Kat Out of the Bag - First book of the In Purse-Suit Mysteries

Published by The Wild Rose Press

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From designer bags to body bags . . . .

Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash - prequel, Available at retailers including:

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A chilling cold case in idyllic Bayside

Purse-Stachio also available in anthology A Taste Of Danger

Coming Soon! -

Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For

A Romantic/Mystery

Writing Now -

Kat 2 - Don't Shoot The Messenger Bag

Kat 3 - A Whole New Bag

Middle Grade Mystery series - Silly Peppers

Pursonality - Extraordinary women, and the purses that hold keys to their personalities

Enjoy The Wild Rose Press 2020 Holiday Garden Gourmet - FREE Download from the Garden of Authors, and turn to page 22 for my character's recipe - Moonjava's Zentastic Bar Cookies

New Fun Fashion Fact: In the 1950's the brown crocodile Kelly Hermes classic was inspired by a ranch saddle bag. And, the bright red Hermes bucket purse embellished with swiss cheese perforations was rumored to be based on a thoroughbred nose bag.

Exciting research for Kat Out of the Bag when I did a ride along with the Edmonds Police Department K-9 Patrol - one incredible night riding with the Big Dog, named Officer Hobbs. Find out more on my podcast, in the meantime see the picture and more on my FaceBook page at: