Kat Out of the Bag - Mystery by Wendy Kendall

First of the In Purse-Suit Mystery Series

Available April 2020
Introducing Katherine Watson - amateur sleuth and international purse designer.

“There’s an officer nearby. We’ll alert him. Hold 
 the line.” 

 Katherine was worried by the operator’s monotone. 
 Did she understand the urgency? Katherine watched in 
 disbelief as the shadow figure moved toward the shed 
 attached to the waterwheel. Too late, she thought to get 
 a picture after the person disappeared inside the shed. 

 “Oh no,” Katherine muttered. She spoke into the 
 phone, “Hurry. I think it’s the killer, maybe looking for 
 something left behind? Hello?” Had the operator hung 

 “Yes, the officer is on the way. Please stay on the 
 line.” The operator’s voice now sounded bored. 

 A sharp ray of light from inside the shed cut 
 through the darkness. The light jumped around. Sweat 
 collected on Katherine’s upper lip as she imagined the 
 killer looking through her things for something, maybe 
 critical evidence. Fear gave way to irritation at the 
 invasion. Irritation gave way to anger. Someone had to 
 stop that killer from removing whatever incriminating 
 thing was so critical it had driven a return to the scene 
 of the crime. Katherine wanted to scream. Where were 
 the police? Maybe MJ was right about them. She pressed 
 against the French doors. The light in the shed 
 went out. Her breath caught in her throat. The silhouette 
 walked out of the shed toward the alley leading to the 
 maze that burrowed throughout Bayside and beyond. 

 Katherine spoke gruffly and fast, “Hello. Where’s 
 your officer? The suspect is getting away.” 

 “Ma’am, please stay calm and hang on the line. 
 They’re on the way.” 

 Katherine unlocked the door to the yard and 
 whispered to the 911 operator, “I’m in pursuit.”