Kat Out of the Bag - Mystery by Wendy Kendall

First of the In Purse-Suit Mystery Series
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Katherine Watson - amateur sleuth and international purse designer
The Prequel:  Purse-Stachio Makes A Splash Now available!
Prequel also available in paperback anthology - A Taste Of Danger
Coming Soon! In Purse-Suit Mysteries Novella Mystery/Romance - Snow Kiss Cookies To Die For

Praise for Kat Out Of The Bag . . .

“Captivating characters, and a tight, tricky plot, KAT 
 OUT OF THE BAG is a curl up under a blanket, grab a 
 cup of tea cozy mystery that you’ll be reading—and 
 enjoying—into the wee hours of the morning.” 
                                ~Laura Childs, Author of Tea Shop Mysteries, 
                        Scrapbooking Mysteries, Crackleberry Club Mysteries 

“Inside every handbag are artifacts—pieces of 
 personality, glimpses of the past and often the deepest 
 secrets. Vintage purses have a story to tell and for
 Kendall’s mystery, these stories unveil more than just 
 purse-sonal history; they’re the clues to catch a killer.” 
                                 ~Esse Purse Museum, Little Rock, Arkansas 

 “Spellbinding, stylish, and completely engaging. 
 Wendy Kendall fashions a charming setting and 
 delightful cast of characters. The perfect weekend 
 escape reading. I’m feeling a need to buy a new purse. 
 Something sparkly. A clutch perhaps.” 
                       ~Keenan Powell, Agatha-Nominated Author of the 
                         Maeve Malloy Mysteries 

 “A sophisticated page-turner in the tradition of Laura 
 Child’s novels and the small-town charm of Louise 
 Penney’s novels. A gutsy protagonist with a handbag 
 for every occasion, a murder, and a love interest. When 
 Katherine lays aside her voluminous handbag collection 
 to find the murderer, she puts her life in danger. Will 
 she regret coming back to her old home of Bayside?” 
                               ~Valerie J. Brooks, Author of Revenge in 3 Parts 
                         and Tainted Times 

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