September 11, 2018

Influenza Vaccines Now Available
Inflenza vaccinations will be administered to students after school pictures are taken on September 18.  Students must have a  permission form signed by parent/guardian turned into the nurse.  Influenza vaccines will continue to be offered after September 18 in the Nurse's Office as supply allows.
Permission forms were in the emergency form packets sent home on the first day of school and are also linked below. (Scroll to the bottom of this page).
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Meningitis Vaccines for Seniors
All parents and guardians of seniors were sent a letter in May explaining the new Maine Immunization law.  By now, all seniors should have had their meningitis vaccines if indicated.  Parents/guardians of seniors not in compliance wil be notified by school nurse and administration.
See below for meningitis requirements and the letter of May 2018.

Seasonal allergy medication cannot be administered at school without an order from the student’s primary medical care provider.  If your student is prescribed seasonal allergy medication please remind them to take their medication at home as directed. 

FMI read the article below from the American College of Alllergy, Asthma, and Immunology.  In many cases allergy medication can be started before the symptoms become severe.  As always , discuss this with your student’s healthcare provider.

Which medications work best to deal with your spring allergies? And how much do you need to take to be effective?




Just a reminder, any student who needs to carry an epinephrine pen or asthma inhaler for any reason needs to have the appropriate form filled out by primary medical provider and parent or guardian. The Asthma and Allergy plans can be downloaded from the "Forms" page. 

All other medications during the school day need to administered by the school nurse.  The medication permission form may also be found on the "Forms" page as well.

I am happy to fax any of the forms to the student's medical office after it is filled out and signed by the parent or guardian.

Best wishes for a safe and happy school year!

Pat Endsley MSN, RN NCSN



updated 9/13/17

Epinephrine Auto-Injector Options

School nurses advocate for equity in access to care for all students. As the new school year unfolds, students and families want to know how to access lifesaving medication in the event of anaphylaxis. NASN requested information for school nurses to provide to families. The information below is current as of September 20, 2017

Options for Access to Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

  • Generic/Branded Epinephrine Auto-injector -  Adrenaclick
  • EpiPen Products: My Epi Pen Savings card 
  •                                Paying for Epi Pen
  •  Auvi- Q: Auvi Q epinephrine device is back (It had been recalled a couple years ago.) It delivers the same dose as the Epi-Pen but has voice prompts much like                 an AED to guide the person through the administration. Auvi-Q Affordibility
  • Good Rx:  Plug in your medication  and zip code to shop around.  Prices vary widely by pharmacy!  (Check out the Adrenaclick)















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