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Sham Moodley  Joint Co-ordinator Pharmacy Stakeholders forum  BR Sept 9 1010. Medicine dispensing fees will be fair  
Ivan Kotze Pharmacy Stakeholder's Forum BR Sept 9 1010. Cap on maximum fee pharmacists could charge.  
Kallie Kriel Uitvoerende hoof van AfriForum  ABSA moet rugby ontwikkeling steun eerder as kwotas voorskryf.  
Paul Berkowitz Empowerdex BT Sept 12 2010 Municipalities lack asset registers  
Gill Marcus Governor General Reserve Bank    
Marcus Brewster Marcus Brewster SABC Radio 3 Oct 2010 Public Relations - Role of PR. (9) 
Louis Strydom PWC Forensic investigations Investigator in the Krion Case  
Paul Hoffman Sen. Court Appointments  A transparent process not followed  
Alice Thompson Earthlife Africa  Renewable Energy  
Eustace Davie Free Market Foundation  Private money  
Ms Magolego Denys Reitz    
Karabo Matentji Fitch rating agency BR Tue Oct 19, 2010 Gold mines "losing out" on high gold price.  
Jabu Maphalala Chamber of Mines BR Tue Oct 19,2010 Our mines are deeper than anywhere else and that dampened perodiction.  
Jeff Gable ABSA Business Report - Oct 2010 Gordhan to ease exchange controls  
Jerry Vilakazi Business Unity SA ST BR Nov 7 2010 Praise for Jill Marcus.  
Peter Draper Instituteof International Affairs BR Nov 10 2010 GDP determines seat on G20 - population is being looked at.  
Tim Harris DA BR 10 Nov 2010 Uptake slow on certain incentives  
Brian Kantor Investec BR 10 Nov 2010 All for low business taxes...  
Guy Harris Manufacturing Circle ST 14 November 2010 Tax cash inflows. (Comment - why not rather reduce company tax - that will help companies with being competitive. Why not cut fuel taxes - that will help companies be competitive. Why not reduce the compliance cost of doing business - that will help compnies be more competitive. Come on Guy there are many other bullets we know will hit the target. ...And we have not even started talking about the effects of onerous labour legislation on the economy.  
Werner Myburgh Peace Parks Foundation BR 17/11/2010 Lack of vision in mining coal in SA (Vele Colliery - Mapungubwe)  
Pierre Venter Raad van SA Banke    
Pierre Olivier EAAB    
Fred Wagenaar HSBRC    
Maryka Stynberg National Credit Regulator RSG 19 Nov 2010 SA consumer is over extended.  
James Abrochius   Bread collusion story  
Peter Leon  Weber Wentzel    
Derek Engelbrecht Ernst & Young    
Strath Wood Chemspec BR Has a "capacity for invention" judge  
Matthew Lester  BT Tax expert 
Denise Zeslansky Firzt SABC 3 - 1 Dec 2010 Buy to rent is increasing with rate cuts.  
Bheki Zulu Council for the Built Environment (Engineers, architects etc.) BR 15 Nov. 2010 Feels professional services should not be subject to "price bargaining"  
David Powels NAAMSA  "sanity prevailing" - threat to cut motor manufs from e Natis  
Ricardo Hansby Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce BT 2 Dec 2010 Relax laws that make it difficult to employ people.  
Etienne Gerber Vodacom Infrastructure Manager    
Floyd Shivambu ANC Youth League  Twitter should be banned.  
Jimmy Manyi Black management Forum  Coloureds should be dispersed.  
Dirk Herman Solidarity    
Dr Hennie de Klerk SA Inst of Steel Construction RSG We will have to import certain types of steel (for railway) since we have lost the ovens to do that.  
Samuel Ogbu CEO: Liberty Properties SABC 3 - 4 September 2012 Property underlies economic growth, Commercial real estate in Africa, Listed property  
Abey Kgotle  HR Manager Lonmin    
Gideon du Plessis  Solidarity    
Johan Burger Institute of Security Studies RSG The use of the military in civil unrest cases 
Chandre Gould Institute of Security Studies SABC 3 TV Crime Stats  
Neren Rau, CE  South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry  The cost of tolls will affect the economy of the whole of SA - 20 Sept 2012  
Bennie van Zyl ?TLU SABC RSG SA farmers in Georgia  
Riaan van der Merwe Coal of Africa    
Theo Vorster Galileo    
Pierre van der Walt     
Dave Stewart FW de Klerk Foundation    
Oloatse Cooperative Banks  20 top coop banks manage R 270 mil  
Robbie Lazare Chamber of Mines    
Stewart Jennings NAACAM (CE PG Group) Business Report Fri Oct 15, 2010 Difficult for SA to compete with China (currency & subsidies) - Now this guy is consistent today (15 November 2012) he was on about the unfair practices of China once more - calling on tariffs to protect the manufacturing industry in SA. When will they get their house in order and compete?  
Wessel Lemmer  Graan SA RSG Graanvooruitsigte 2013  
Gary Williams Metrofibre Networx Marketing co-chairman and founding member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) in SA, says the country needs a more formalised national broadband policy to “open the gates” in order for technologies like LTE to become more accessible to operators.  
Pierre Fourie Master Builders Assoc -  RSG 14 Dec 2012 380 - 400 000 people in construction; New home 30% more expensive to build. Banks requiring a deposit; Taxes killing industry; Labour component 20% of project  
Arrie Rautenbach ABSA  Developments in technology in banking  
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