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A Note About Calculators:

Every student should own his/her own calculator. This is important for assessments on which students will not be allowed to use their laptops, including both classroom exams and standardized tests. There are two options for students:

  • A graphing calculator, the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus, is an extremely powerful tool used in most math classes as well as in science classes, PARCC testing, SAT testing and even at the college level. It is, however, relatively expensive. It is suggested for students who are enrolling in a rigorous mathematics curriculum and/or plan to continue their studies in a mathematics or scientific field.
    • An emulator of this calculator is installed on all student laptops, although some students have experienced difficulty using it when not connected to the school network.
  • A scientific calculator, such as the TI-36X PRO, is a less powerful but still useful machine, capable of much of the mathematics taught at WDHS. It is a (much) less expensive option, and appropriate for most of our students.
    • NOTE: Scientific calculators are not permitted on the high school PARCC examinations, although a clone of the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator will be available in the testing environment.

Note: Students will not be allowed to use cell phone calculators during tests or quizzes.