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Making the decision to seek professional help can be difficult. Society, family, and friends often suggest that we keep personal matters private, or we believe that we “should” be able to manage personal matters ourselves. Typically, we decide to seek professional help only after familiar resources and methods have failed to bring relief, our symptoms have become severe, or our life circumstances have escalated to the point of being unmanageable.

A professional therapist can assist by providing you with education, support, and honest feedback, or by providing a referral for ancillary treatment. With the understanding that individuals are capable of making life decisions on their own, my philosophy and approach to therapy promotes personal empowerment and offers a respect for self-determination and the natural process of growth. My role is to use my professional and practical experience to assist your growth and change process.

Because I believe it is important to examine issues from a holistic perspective, we will discuss the integration of your strengths as they relate to the five life domains: emotional, mental, physical, relational and spiritual.

The support and guidance that you will receive is the catalyst for greater understanding and appreciation of yourself.