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21st seminar / Jun. 27, 2019
Speaker:  Prof. Jean-François Gaillard (Northwestern University, USA)

This seminar series is open for anyone interested.

We are currently recruiting Master & PhD candidates for the ongoing projects / 大学院生、募集中

Introduction / 研究室の概要(→ 動画もご覧ください
We are an active research group, initiated in 2009, focusing water-related issues. Our major research targets are 
1) to enhance scientific understanding of aquatic ecosystems and water environments,
2) to develop the updated understanding to solid concepts and tools for environmental assessment and management, and
3) to work with societies for water environment conservation and management.
To this end, we are working in an open, active and supportive team. Thus, we are grateful for any scientific exchange and any contact to apply for the team member.

Skills and Ability which Students Acquire in this Group / 在籍中に修得できる能力
< PhD course / 博士課程 >
1. Skill and ability to conduct independent research on a novel concept in environmental science and engineering and to communicate outcomes with experts as well as societies.
2. Skill and ability to take a leadership in international teams and organizations to make natural and urban environments sustainable.
< Master course / 修士課程>
1. Skill and ability to support research and development in environmental science and engineering and to communicate with experts as well as societies.
2. Skill and ability to take a leadership generally in international teams and organizations.

Career of our Almuni / メンバーの就職先
< Researcher, Technician, and PhD students >
Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大学), Clemson University, USA (クレムソン大学), Berlin Free University, Germany (ベルリン自由大学), Bolivian Private University, Bolivia (ボリビア私立大学), National Defense University of Malaysia, Malaysia (マレーシア国立防衛大学), Zhejiang University, China, Chuo University, Japan (中央大学), Toyo University, Japan (東洋大学), Ibaraki Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center, Japan (茨城県霞ケ浦環境科学センター ), Atsugi City, Japan (厚木市), Chodai Co. (長大), Hokkaido Research Organization (北海道立総合研究機構), クリテオ (Criteo), マイクロン・テクノロジ (Micron Technology)
< Master and Bachelor students >
Tokyo Institute of Technology (PhD course, 東工大博士課程), Fisheries Agency of Japan (水産庁), Tokyo Metropolitan, Japan (東京都), Research Institution of Jakarta City (Indonesia), JETRO (日本貿易振興機構), Obayashi Corporation (大林組), Taisei Corporation (大成建設), Nitori Holdings Co. (ニトリ), Swing Corporation (水ing), Yachiyo Engineering Co. (八千代エンジニヤリング), NTT Data Corporation (NTTデータ), Chiyoda Corporation (千代田化工建設), East Japan Railway Company (JR東日本), CTI Engineering Co. (建設技術研究所), IBM Japan (日本IBM), CTI Engineering International (建設技研インターナショナル), TOA Construction Corporation (東亜建設工業), NEXCO東日本 (East Nippon Expressway), ヴェオリア・ジャパン (Veolia Japan)

Schools from which our students came / 学生の出身校 (including exchange students)
< Japan >
Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大学), Tokyo University of Science (東京理科大学), Chuo University (中央大学), Waseda University (早稲田大学), Gunma University (群馬大学), Nihon University (日本大学)
< Other parts of Asia >
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST, Korea), University Teknologi Malaysia (Malaysia), Hanoi Architectural University (Vietnam), China University of Petroleum (China), Thailand Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (TAIST, Thailand), University Putra Malaysia (Malaysia), Kasetsart University (Thailand), C
hulalongkorn University (Thailand), Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Cambodia), De La Salle University (Philippines), Hohai University Wentian College (China), Institute of Technology of Bangdong (Indonesia), National University of Singapore (Singapore)
< Oceania >
University of Melbourne (Australia)
< Europe >
Aalto University (Finland), Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), RWTH Aachen University (Germany),  University of Reading (UK)
< Americas >
Harvard University (USA), University of Waterloo (Canada)
< Africa >
University of Alexandria (Egypt), Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST, Egypt), 
Kafr Elshiekh University (Egypt)

Email: wat.env.lab (at) gmail.com  <=  Feel free to write us. お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい。