Prof Justine Olawande Daramola is a Computer Scientist with a research specialisation in Applied Software Engineering (ASE). ASE involves the application of artificial intelligence (AI) methods for the design and development of intelligent software systems. He is an NRF-rated researcher that is particularly interested in the use of knowledge representation models such as ontology, logic rules, and variant reasoning models to engender intelligence in software systems that are relevant to real-world domains such as requirements engineering, tourism, education, health, trade and commerce, and cloud computing, and software engineering in general. He is also interested in Experimental Software Engineering (EMSE), which entails gathering evidence, through measurements and experiments that involve software systems and software processes through the application of quantitative and qualitative research methods. The goal of EMSE research is to improve Software Engineering Practice. He has supervised been involved in the supervision of many postgraduates students leading to the award of Masters and doctoral degrees. He has served as Assessor/Examiner to a number of Universities across Africa include Botswana University of Science and Technology, Durban University of Technology, SA, Tshwane University of Technology, SA University of Zululand, SA, Covenant University, Nigeria, Lagos State University, Nigeria, and the National Open University of Nigeria.

For research supervision, Prof. Daramola is particularly eager to work with students who have good technical skills such as algorithm design, computer programming, software development (web, mobile), and handling of empirical data. Prospective research students can contact him via email: daramolaj@cput.ac.za or dwande@gmail.com

A list of ongoing/interesting research projects are available at: https://sites.google.com/site/wandesnet/updates-1