Walking around the Gardens of Hosios Christodoulos

The place that time seems to stay stood 

The route begins at Town Hall square and descends to Evangelismos Convent through the neighborhood of Allotina and Hagia Hagion Hermitage. Detouring the entrance of the Nunnery the path slides down to the valley of Kipoi (gardens). Unapprochable by cars until recently the green valley of Kipoi with the fantastic sunset has remained almost untouched by the hand of modernity. The downhill trail leads to the raging sea and to a couple of small herimitages standing here since the 17th century amongst flowers and farms cultivated by the most primitieve means. 

The area is marked by many small wells and a large one rumored to have been miraculously dug by Hosios Christodoulos himself in order to keep Kipoi alive as a genuine legacy of the past. Making an acquitance with the local family (cultivators of the area) and visiting the historical chapel of Panaghia Mandalaki. The uphill pathway offers a fantastic view towards Chora's west side and passes through a small forest before reaching its end up at the Evangelsimos Convent.


Departure from Town Hall square

Return to Town Hall Square

Stops: Kipoi Beach

Time needed: 3 hours (net walking time 2hrs)

Best time for the excursion: Early in the morning or 3 hrs before sunset

Length of the route: 4 km

Not without: Athletic shoes, hat, bottle of water, sun cream.