There are a lot of different ways to track a hand or head position and orientation. This is why you can choose whatever method works best for you.

Here are some examples of tracking :

There are also cheap ways :

- Gametrak ( position only, should be in the next VRPN release )

- SpacePoint Fusion ( orientation only, should be in the next VRPN release )

- Vuzix VR 920 integrated tracker ( orientation only )

- Camera based tracking (Wiimote, AR Patterns, Rigid body tracking....)

- PS3 Move (soon Sony will release a PC based SDK)

- TrackIR

- Gyromouse

- Freespace (not tested but seems interesting, and already in VRPN)

- Razer Hydra (not released yet but seems interesting)

- < invent your own ! >

As all applications have to use VRPN, there has to be a VRPN driver for the trackers your using.

If there aren't any driver yet, you are invited to write it and share it !

Useful VRPN servers

- Wiimote head-tracking : by Ryan Pavlik. Perfect for tracking your head in front of a screen.

- Microsoft Kinect SDK VRPN server

- Wiiuse VRPN server