What To Bring

We have a nice comfortable guest house with four bedrooms and two baths for smaller groups (up to 10), and a larger dorm building with 4 bathrooms that can accommodate up to 50.  The larger building has cots, foam sleeping pads and separate sleeping rooms for men and women.  It has two metal fire exits and smoke detectors.  It has heat and air conditioning and separate mens and womens bathrooms with showers.  It is clean, safe and sanitary but not fancy. 
The church kitchen and dining room is new and modern.  It has an industrial kitchen and the dining room can seat over 100.
You should bring a sleeping bag and pillow, or blanket and sheets.  Air travelers wishing to avoid luggage fees can purchase sleeping bags in Harlan at the Wal Mart for about $20.  If there are other special needs, we will try and accommodate them.
Other things to bring: 
Good pair of Hiking or Work Boots or heavy shoes - for hiking and tree-planting in wet and muddy conditions.  If you wear sneakers your feet might get cold and wet!
Warm clothes
Poncho or Rain coat
Gloves, hat, coat
Personal items including prescription medications, inhaler, epi-pen etc.
Towel, soap, shampoo
Casual, comfortable clothes
Water Bottle
Summer groups can bring swimsuits

Please let us know in advance of any medical conditions, allergies, food allergies, food requirements etc.  We have a First Aid kit with bandages and antibiotic ointments plus a good supply of over-the-counter medical products.  
Harlan has a regional hospital - it is close to our lodging.

We emphasize healthy, home-cooked meals with a traditional Appalachian flavor such as biscuits and gravy, pinto beans and fried potatoes, cornbread, succotash, chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy, chili, fresh fruits and vegetables, greens, etc.  Breakfasts are hearty and we always have coffee, bagels, a selection of herbal teas and hot chocolate available.  We also have a pizza night.  Some meals will be vegetarian.  We can also prepare meals for vegans and gluten-intolerant folks and this is no problem.  There are many fast food restaurants in Harlan and there is a good supermarket next door to our lodging (short walk) that is open until midnight. 

There is wireless internet nearby at McDonalds, the local public library, etc.  In Harlan there is a Wal-Mart, five grocery stores, a public library, several dollar stores, post office, hardware store, drug store etc.  There is a laundramat 10-15 minutes away in Loyall, KY.