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Welcome to VISIMPSCOT  (Visual Impairment Scotland) I am based in Perth in Scotland.

 I can provide a range of services in both archaeology and computing where I specalise in helping the 'not for profit sector' and people with visual impairments or other disabilities.  If you want more information on a topic choose a link in the list of pages on the right, or at the bottom of this page. Do not forget to check out the download pages in the training and visual impairment sections. For smaller Scottish charities I can also prepare and examine receipts and payments accounts for submission to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

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Techsoup, based in California are one of the best sources of tech advice for not for profit / third sector organisations. Through a partnershiI have come across a competition called 'Storymakers 2017' that is run through an American organisation called Techsoup ( the contest web page is Despite being largely Amercan based there is also a category for everyone else (well nearly everyone if they are a charity) to submit a short video or five photo Flickr slideshow. with the Charity Technology Trust their software donation scheme has extended to the UK.  If you prefer watching and listening to reading check out the archi
ve of recorded webinar sessions.

Contact me by email . My  page is at

News / Current Projects..

  • NEW !   Techsoup are running a competition called 'Storymakers 2017' the contest web page is Despite being largely Amercan based there is also a category for everyone else (well nearly everyone if they are a charity) to submit a short video or five photo Flickr slideshow. If you are a charity with a story to tell check it out. At the moment I am helping my friends at Plus Perth (  tomake an entry about their community garden project.
  • Some people use keyboard commands instead of a computer mouse or other pointing device because they cannot, or have difficulty seeing the screen. Other people use keyboard commands, at least some of the time because the find it faster
    and more convenient, especially experienced touch typists who would break their rythm by taking a hand off the keys.

    The popular MS Excel and Word programs as well as the alternatives LibreOffice or OpenOffice Calc and Writer have comprehensive sets of keyboard commands although finding out what they all are is not easy. To solve this problem Visimpscot (my IT training business name)has prepared four guides that can be freely downloaded  from and distributed to anyone who needs them (they are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License). If you modify the guides, acknowledge the source and use the same Creative Commons license.. Download them from the Digital Literacy download section.
  • Go to the Publication Services page to read about our publishing venture Point Size Press and download a copy of our first title The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey
  • Microsoft no longer sell the popular Small Business Server, which has annoyed a lot of people. If you need an alternative to SBS look at SME Server or Zyental these Linux servers are designed with small scale set ups in mind, at Visimpscot we have experience of setting up and using both of them, look at the Small Computer Networks section..
  • ProjectLibre is the open source alternative to MS Project that is getting thousands of downloads world wide, here at Visimpscot we have a 'ProjectLibre Getting Started', a short tutorial for absolute beginners. Get it from the training downloads section.
  • Visimpscot has signed The Open Education Statement of Commitment Take a look and think about signing if you support  open resources, creative commons licenses too.
  • DOWNLOADSI There are three download pages. On the Visual Impairment section there is a guide to working for visually impaired adults that I have updated. There is also an introduction to some of the JISC Access Apps for visually impaired users a landscape format lists of the keyboard commands for the NVDA screen reader and a SCORM 1.2 elearning course on working for visually impaired adults that you can import into your own VLE.On the Training section there is a Java Script quiz maker and a modified set of  style sheets for Exe-learning that include support for the Power Geez Amharic font. Go to the Small Computer Networks section for a Zentyal 3 feature list and an 'Introduction to Networking With Zentyal 3'. In the Digital Literacy Section there are four posters designed for training rooms, libraries and other public computing facilities catering for patrons with sight problems.
  • As I work with assistive technology and appreciate good science fiction I enjoyed  'Wake' by Robert J. Sawyer (the UK edition ISBN is 978 0 575 09408 6) which combines the two. It is an excellent read, you might enjoy it as well.

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