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Short Story Collections by Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton:


(Contemporary Western)


In this short story collection of seven mysteries, Sheriff Jeff McQuede finds himself in the middle of a deal made on a handshake--where the result is murder. Set in the high country of modern-day Wyoming, the deal makers are speculators at an old-time mountain man rendezvous, traders vying over rare Indian pots, or two family patriarchs pretending to bridge a lifetime of feuding. Throughout the book McQuede battles his arch-enemy Ruger, who runs a host of illegal activities, but generally manages to evade McQuede's traps. In each of these stories McQuede, putting his own life on the line, relentlessly seeks out the dangerous men who have broken trust.

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"Ms. Britton and Ms. Jackson bring the Western into the modern age with a heaping helping of mystery...scintillating fast-paced prose that grips you from word one and holds on till story end...McQuede leaps off the page into three-dimension..."

--Howard Hopkins, Author of The Chloe Files

"I have read many books by Jackson & Britton for several years and while their mystery books are tops, I love their short stories the best. They catch your interest and hold it throughout each story!"

Janice E. Beck “Avid Reader” Amazon Review


Ghosts, serial killers, and evil dolls--in these eight spine-tingling tales of horror and suspense characters fight for survival...or sanity. Evil takes different forms, from serial killers to restless spirits to dolls that whisper threats in the dead of night. 

In these chilling tales each protagonist struggles with a supernatural or psychological menace. 

***A victim of a serial killer attracted to women with long hair, Loral, once again faces her cruel abductor. 
***A predator lurks around the bus terminal to target innocent prey. 
***The party at an old ghost town sounds like fun for a group of teenagers...until the ghosts appear. 
***When a fellow author steals Darien Port's lover, he finds he's doing the man an immortal favor. 
***The appearance of terrifying Harlequin dolls causes deep-rooted feelings to erupt over sibling rivalry in a deadly game of make-believe. 

Each story is a battleground and explores the essence of evil, either from without...or within.



Cassie humors her fragile sister, Mia, who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, by purchasing two Harlequin dolls at a local antique store. The two dolls, one light-haired and the other dark, are a matching pair—like sisters!

Sibling rivalries from childhood begin to surface, as well as jealousy over Jason, who has married Mia, but was once Cassie’s boyfriend. Cassie soon fears for her life when she receives a disturbing phone call in the eerie voice of Mrs. Jingles, her sister's doll. Is the toy bent on revenge for a sister scorned, or is Cassie about to encounter something even more sinister in the form of someone she's loved for years? A short story. 

Homespun Courage  (pioneer, historical)



Courage, this is the American heritage, the basic quality possessed by those who left city and county of birth to settle an unknown land.  Courage, as existent today as in pioneer times, takes many forms.  In these fifteen stories, some are engaged in fierce battles against the elements: blizzards, fire, flood, and the devastating destruction of a tornado.  Others must take a stand against people who oppose them, from the school bully to hostile Indians.  The last form of courage, though not the least important, represents the inward struggle of a person trying to hang on to a dream, or of one attempting to rise above an inward flaw and make a new start.  All deal with the interwoven pattern of family, community, and self and come together as Homespun Courage.



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