Book Club Study Guide: A Deal on a Handshake

1. In The Rendezvous Shootout, what way does or doesn't the code of the Old West apply today?
2. In the story A Deal on a Handshake, what did Nate Narcu expect to find out?  What did he discover?
3. Never Trust a Coward explores the concept of having a hero.  How important is it to have a hero?  What does it do for McQuede?  For Bill Owen?
4. In Fatal Crossing, how does becoming involved in one crime lead to a more serious crime?
5. In Broken Trust, what exactly was it that brought about Ellis Teno's downfall?
6. What irony is represented in the story, Loyalty?
7. Regarding The Conscience of Durmont, are most people willing to take responsibility for their actions when they know they will be punished?
8. What is the overall theme of the book A Deal on a Handshake, and how does it relate to the title?