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Lost City of the Condor: The Inca


While traveling on a local bus in Chinchero, Peru, Arla is approached by a mysterious female peddler who shows her a small, silver warrior. The statue is identical to those found only in rare Inca tombs located high in the Andes. Arla suspects this is a genuine artifact, perhaps stolen from the same Capacocha burial site her co-worker, Lance Hayden, is seeking. When the woman tells her she has many more items for sale, Arla follows her to an abandoned house. Too late, Arla realizes she has fallen into a trap! 

Arla gets kidnapped by a group of ruthless thieves who are holding Lance Hayden hostage. They believe Arla’s in possession of a journal, which is the final link to the Lost City and the secret it holds…

Death lurks, biding its time… This is a race against time that takes Arla to a snowy mountain peak and a clash with the looters for the most priceless treasure of all – the golden condor!

"The Lost City of the Condor" is a very well-written and exciting story, filled with danger, intrigue, and murder. I found it refreshing that the authors put together a superb plot with a generous blend of history and the geography of the area without using a tour guide approach. The action starts with the opening chapter and never ceases. The characterization is good. All in all, a well-thought-out story. 

Reviewed by Paul Johnson for Readers' Favorite

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The Arla Vaughn Pre-Columbian Mystery Series: The Maya

The Mayan Mask of Death

When Arla Vaughn accepts the role of temporary Dean of Archaeology, the museum’s purchase of an elaborate Mayan mask seems an evil portent. The dual face, one side a handsome Mayan nobleman, the other side a skull-like visage with a glimmering obsidian eye represents the good and evil of mankind.
Three years ago Jordan Lund’s wife was strangled on campus and he has devoted his life to finding her killer. When a second woman from Arla’s department is murdered in the same way, the police believe this is the work of a mysterious serial killer known as The Scarlet Strangler. But Arla soon links the brutal murders to the dig in Copan. Her investigation takes her to where the mystery has its roots, the Copan ruins in the jungles of Honduras. There, to uncover the truth, Arla must match wits with a killer as duplicitous as the Mayan Mask of Death.

4 Stars
 "a colourful, fast-paced adventure, ideal for armchair travellers. Arla comes across as a determined, plucky no-nonsense lady who doesn't suffer fools gladly. What's more, we're assured that a second book in the Arla Vaughn: Pre-Columbian Treasure Series - the Inca - is soon to be published, The Lost City of the Condor. Can't wait - sharpening my archaeological trowel already!"  Nik Morton, Amazon Review

Coming soon: The Mayan Mask of Death

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