Performance Opportunities

Description of Performance Opportunities at the Music Institute of Chicago

Studio Classes

This class will provide students the opportunity to develop performance skills in front of an audience. These skills include learning how to stand for maximum sound projection, dealing with performance anxiety, communicating with a pianist, and giving and receiving constructive feedback from peers. There will be a fee to pay the pianist for the studio class time. If you would like a rehearsal before the class, this may be arranged.

Studio Recitals

There are one or two recital dates for students who study with me. Most beginning students (particularly those under the age of seven) do not perform on the first recital of the year. New students and parents are invited to attend as it is a wonderful opportunity for observation. Beginning students generally show what they have worked on all year through a pre-Twinkle Demonstration at the Spring Recital.

Students must rehearse with the accompanist prior to these performances and must stay for the entire concert in order to participate. There will be a fee to cover the cost of the accompanist.

All-School Recitals

All School Recitals are weekly events which take place at 4:45 on Saturdays in Thoresen Hall in Winnetka. There will also be monthly recitals in Evanston, dates TBD. They are open to all students who are ready to perform their polished pieces. There is accompanist available (you would pay him directly) to rehearse with you prior to the event. I will sign you up in advance for the performances.

In addition to the All-School Recitals, we have two dates for Divisional Recitals. These performances are for string players from any studio and take place at Nichols Recital Hall in Evanston.

Mary Drews is usually the accompanist for these performances. If you wish to participate, you need to set a rehearsal with her close to the time. Rehearsal time will be paid by the student directly to her.

Suzuki Sundays

The jamborees during Suzuki Sundays are an informal performance opportunity for those enrolled in the Suzuki program. By informal I mean that there is no program or rehearsal; your piece, however, should be polished. An accompanist is present to play for you (but not to rehearse in advance). They are wonderful opportunities for observation as well as performance. I would encourage parents and students to attend even if they are playing because observing other children perform is a terrific motivator. All Suzuki Sunday violin jamborees begin at 4:00 in Thoresen Hall in Winnetka.

In addition to the jamborees, there is a solo recital which takes place at 3:00. Each teacher may put two performers on this program. The pieces are expected to be highly polished and must have been performed on a previous occasion. There is a permission form which must be filled out (and signed by the teacher and parent). Rehearsals are possible (for no additional cost). These rehearsals take place between 1-2 pm the day of the concert.