Music Institute Make-Up Policy

As a teacher at the Music Institute of Chicago, I am expected to adhere to their make-up policy. Students are granted one make-up per semester only in the event of illness or death in the family. Here is a link to their policy:

I realize that instances arise that may cause students to miss their lessons. At the beginning of the year, I send out a schedule with contact information for each of my students. Please contact someone from the list to try to switch your lesson time. 

I will also keep track of students who alert me that they will miss their lesson. Should an opening occur in my schedule, I will offer that time slot. You may also make up an excused absence at the end of my schedule (Wednesday night 7:45, Friday night 6:15). Finally, I will occasionally be teaching on the weekends. I will let you know when I am doing so to see if something fits into your schedule. Make-up week will only be used  for my (instructor) absences.