Studio Policy

As a teacher at the Music Institute of Chicago, I am expected to adhere to their make-up policy. I follow this policy whether or not students are enrolled at MIC. Students are granted one make-up per semester only in the event of illness or death in the family. Here is a link to their policy:

In the good old days, students would have a little sniffle and still come to their lessons. In the days of Covid, this is no longer the case. Please do not plan to have your child come in person to a lesson if they are exhibiting symptoms or were exposed to Covid. If the student feels up to having a lesson, please let me know ahead of time and we will have a lesson online. Visibly ill students will not be allowed to have a lesson that day in-person.

I realize that instances arise that may cause students to miss their lessons. At the beginning of the year, I will send out a schedule with contact information for each of my students. Please contact someone from the list to try to switch your lesson time.

I will also keep track of students who alert me that they will miss their lesson. Should an opening occur in my schedule, I will offer that time slot. You may also make up an excused absence by tagging on a lesson at the end of my teaching day, and on designated dates* (below). Make-up week will only be used for my (instructor) absences.

*Fridays at my house: November 19th, December 18th, January 28th, February 25th, April 8th, May 20th