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Here are some photos of these darling little ones.  You can click on their NAME to go to their photo album.  Let us know if you can't open the link.
New photos were added on Oct 16 

Update Oct 14
These pups have made a huge leap in physical and mental development this week.  Just compare last week's video and tonight's video and you'll see for yourself.  This video was done AFTER their evening meal AND evening nap.  So these pups were awake and ready to play, play, play.  Their personalities are really taking shape and they are very entertaining.  They have made a big step in their transition to dry kibble and Aspen is very happy about that.  Aspen says, "Wow....slow down.....wait a minute.  You have tiny daggers for teeth now.  I'm not so sure about this nursing thing anymore!"  And that's pretty obvious in the middle of the video.  We're very proud of Aspen.  She has been an excellent momma and her puppies show it.  Apologies for not getting photos updated like I had hoped to.   They are on their way.  

Update Oct 7
We had so much fun playing with the puppies and shooting/editing today's video that we ran out of time to do photos.  We'll get to those in the next couple of days. Today's video was shot in our family room where we set up a big play pen to keep them safe and contained.  It wouldn't be hard for one of these little ones to get lost wondering their way around the house silently on the carpet.  The video starts out with their puppy cereal in with them.  They were obviously full of momma's milk and didn't really care about it at the moment and were more inclined to walk through it instead of eating, so we pulled the cereal out and cleaned things up a little to finish the video. Their teeth are coming in so the puppies are in the "everyone and everything" is a potential chew toy.  It's kind of silly to watch them nibble on each other and sometime's even their own tails.  We're quite pleased with their growth and development for their age.  

Update Sept 30
So many things are happening right now!  The puppies' darling little blue eyes are opening.  Puppy eyes are blue at birth and then gradually transition through green and to their final golden color over the next few months.  The pups can hear better now as their ears are also opening.  It is fun to watch their "wobble walking" as they develop their coordination:)  They want to run and play, but have to learn to hold up their round little tummies.  We've put together a little video from earlier today and have updated the photo albums above.  We did the video after their photos, so some of these puppies were a little tuckered out and didn't want to play during the video:)  Ha ha.

Update Sept 23
Our first day of fall came in with a bit of snow in the mountains behind our house.  We're glad we have excellent accomodations for these puppies in our home.  They are all warm and well fed.  Aspen is doing her momma thing and these pups are happy about that.  With all the milk they could want, they are now about triple their birth weight.  We took new photos of the pups tonight and have added them to the photo albums above.  They are starting to wobble around a bit and are trying to get their legs under them.  Let us know if you have any questions.  

Update Sept 16
We're very happy to have a video of these wonderful puppies.  We hope you enjoy seeing each one up close and learning about them.
They continue to thrive and Aspen is doing a great job of mothering them.  

Update Sept 14 
Aspen and River's pups were born Sept 11.  We call them our "Patriotic Puppies."
These pups are doing great.  They are already growing fast.  We keep track of each individual puppy with a colored ribbon collar.  These pups are already outgrowing their first collar.  It's so fun to listen to them make their tiny puppy squeaking noises.  We're hoping to put a video together in the next day or two to show off and spotlight each individual puppy.  Tomorrow is a big day.  They get their first Vet visit and will have tails and dew claws done.  

Update Aug. 22
Aspen's pregnancy is really starting to show.  We took some photos while on our walk this afternoon.  Her prego belly is definitely starting to become visible and we're sure the breeding was a success.  We're very excited for this pairing between her and River and these pups should be excellent.
Here are those photos.