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Brook and Cliffs pups were born July 18th.  
That will put them old enough to be picked up at 7 weeks on Sept 5 
They will be ready for flights after 8 weeks old.  We do flights on the Saturday after they are 8 weeks so that would be Sept 15th.

Group Photos were taken on 08/30 so you can see each pup compared with the others of it's gender.

Pink is on the left then Teal is in the middle and Yellow is on the right.

Red is on the left then Blue in the middle and Grey is on the right.

These individual photos were taken on 07/26 - you can click on the color to go to a photo album of them

Update Sept 5
Big things are happening this week.  The pups are heading to their forever families.  Tonight we wanted to do one last video of the pups all playing together.  Tomorrow, they have their final Vet visit for their health certificates to go home and the first family will be picking up Mrs. Yellow right after that.  So this is their last night all together but they don't know it.  We're glad they had a lot of fun playing tonight and it was a great time to watch them.  

Update Sept 1
Just a quick note to let everyone know that the fecal tests came back clear.  We have a fecal float test done and also a Giardia Snap test done.  These are both very good tests for determining if there is a problem.  The pups are doing great.

Update Aug 30
Today's vet appointment went great.  All the dogs have their Microchips and shots done.  The vet was pleased with how well the pups are doing.  Their appointment was early afternoon and we didn't get the fecal samples collected here at home before the appointment so we'll be doing that in the morning and taking them in while they're nice and fresh.  Can we just say that we don't envy the person who does the fecal tests for us at the Vet's office.  We have our fair share of all that we can handle just cleaning up after the pups.  We don't feel any desire whatsoever to handle it more and put it under a microscope for observation.  We expect those results to be great as usual and will let everyone know if there are any issues.  We did another video tonight during their evening playtime and dinner.  These pups are very smart.  The pups are doing great with their crate conditioning.  They all feel comfortable going in and out and are not afraid of the confined space.  The end of this video also demonstrates a little unofficial training we do with the pups.  We briefly mention it in yesterday's video but wanted to show it more by itself.  This technique preconditions the puppy for your "Recall" training to help them "Come" over to you when you whistle.  We feel like training a dog to "Come" when commanded is one of the top priorities for their new families and this definitely helps you get that started from day 1 in your home.  We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoy watching and playing with the pups.  

Update Aug 29
The big decisions are here.  We're just starting the pick process and will notify you when it's your turn.  Here's the video that shows more about each puppy.  Let us know if you have more questions.  We'll also be taking more photos tomorrow (we ran out of daylight for that today).  Tomorrow is also another big day for the pups.  We will be going to the Vet for their 6 week shots and also their Microchips.  They hardly notice the shots, but they do notice the Microchip a little more, since it's a pretty big needle.  The microchip is the size of a very small pill and it get's inserted under their skin up by their shoulders.  We'll be in touch with you all.  

Update Aug 21
They are so happy and healthy.  So much can happen in a week.  You can tell by tonight's video that these pups are really starting to develop well.  It was a very pleasant evening with a little cooler weather today.  The pups were enjoying their playtime and having fun running around.  At the moment, one of their favorite toys is the leaves that have come off our tree.  They are crunchy and easy for them to get a hold of and run around with.  They are starting to figure out what the real toys are for too.  We had them out playing and having fun and ended the video with Mr. Red boy telling us he was ready to see his momma again.  

Update Aug 14
Here's the latest video update.  The pups are growing so fast and are getting so smart.  They have teeth now and are starting to eat food in addition to nursing.  Brook actually had a little scab on her stomach, probably from a puppy nail, that I thought was a piece of dirt on her fur, so I scratched it off and she started to bleed a tiny bit.  So, at the beginning of the video, Brook is cleaning herself up from that.  In this video, we kinda let momma Brook play around a little.  She wanted to play fetch. But we have had a couple of stray cats coming around lately and the dogs chase them up one of our trees.  So at the start of the video, we also had Brook on a long line tether until we could tell the cat wasn't around.  Then we let her play and let the pups run around.  For some reason, Brook decided that she needed to try to roll around on her toys.  I'm sure the pups were wondering what that was all about. They are just starting to figure out play time.  Pretty soon they will be zooming all over the place.  For now though, we'll enjoy them being the slower version of adorable little fluff puppies.  

Update Aug 4
These pups are doing great.  We made a little video of them this morning.  They had just eaten and were acting a little sleepy but the grey boy was happy to do some walking around for the video.  They are so cute when they try to walk and it ends up looking like a wobble.  Their eyes and ears are opening and we can tell they can hear by their reactions to loud noises and such.  They are growing so fast.  For reference, this video has the same blanket as their earlier photo/video and the white circles of the blanket will serve as a scale to show how much they they have changed.  As a side note, we're having quite the experience during this dry summer we are having.  There have been several fires nearby.  One started yesterday afternoon and by about 11 pm when we took this photo, it had burned about 7000 acres of our neighbor's range land.  It was close enough to us, that we were a little concerned.  The area around us on 3 sides is a plowed grain field with nothing to burn right now, but across our road is a very dry pasture.  We're glad the winds were favorable and the fire is mostly contained at the moment.  AND so glad for those who fight these fires!

Update July 26
Happy 1 Week Birthday to these pups.  They were a week old yesterday and they are doing great.  These pups are growing fast and have doubled their birth weights.  Brook is taking such great care of them.  She's finally settled into her routine and is now accepting the fact that she "can" leave her pups and go potty.  Before, she was so anxious about leaving them that we would have to coax her outside for a break.  We took some photos today and posted them above.  The link of their color name will take you to a photo album that we will be adding more photos to periodically.  Somewhere I saw that I had a photo of Brook when she was a couple of days away from delivering these pups, but at the moment, I can't find it.  When I come across it again I'll post it below.  Their tails and dewclaws are healing very well.  We're excited about how these pups are turning out.    

UPDATE July 21
Hi Everyone.  We made a little video to introduce these darling pups.  We made the video this morning and then went to their first Vet appointment to have their tails and dewclaws done.  The Vet was pleased with the health of the pups and they are all doing well after their appointment.  Brook is also doing great and is a wonderful mom to the pups.  It's amazing to watch their mothering skills kick in after the pups are born.  

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the pups were born.  It was another all night party to get the pups here safely.  We are blessed with 3 girls and 3 boys.  Brook and the pups are doing great.  This is a nice healthy bunch of pups.  

Brook is really starting to show.  Her pregnant belly isn't really holding her back any though.  She is still very active and loves to play fetch as always.

We have bred our Brook to Cliff.  Their pups should be born mid July and ready for their new homes the first part of September. 

We will be posting updates here soon.