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Aspen and River's pups were born Sept 17th.  
That will put them old enough to be picked up at 8 weeks old on Nov 12 
They will be ready for flights after 8 weeks old.  We do flights on the Saturday after they are 8 weeks so that would be Nov 17th.

Update 11/14
These pups are so much fun.  They love to play with us and each other and it's always nice when it warms up enough for some outside playtime.  Mr. Red had lost his little collar when we first took the pups outside to play, but we had it replaced shortly after, so you can tell it's him in the rest of the video.  The pups are spending their final few days here with us and we'll be sad to see them off to their new homes, but we know they are going to great families and that makes us happy for them.  We have their final Vet appointment set up and they will be all ready for their next adventures with their new families.  

Update 11/3
Hi everyone.  It's Adam here.  Katie was swamped getting a last minute project done outside before the weather gets really bad, so I did the videos for today.  I'm not nearly as eloquent as Katie but I suppose I can still get the job done.  I'm sure she would have done a better job though.  So, here are the 2 videos we put together.  The videos are of the same time, from 2 different angles.  We wanted to do a shot of the "big" picture and a more up close video.  So you can see more about what was happening while we were doing the video.  Anyways, we hope it provides more info about the pups now that they are starting to demonstrate their personalities more.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Update 10/30
These pups are really starting to figure out how to play and momma is having some fun with them.  She likes to play tug of war and teases the pups.  They are 6 weeks old and really doing well.  We can't believe it's almost time to let the selection process begin.  We will be doing some more in depth videos about the pups to share more of our observations of them with you.  

Update 10/25
We apologize for being a couple days later than usual posting a video of the pups.  The last few days have been a whirlwind of craziness at our house and we're finally getting caught up.  Thanks for your patience.  The pups are growing so fast.  They are smart and learning so much about this great big world.  Tonight's video includes some time they spent outside and inside playing around a little.  Their outside play time was a little chilly but not so chilly that our kids weren't too uncomfortable playing with the pups without their dang shoes on!  KIDS!  Ha ha.  

Update 10/16
Hi Everyone.  We are having a blast with these pups.  They are so fun and are doing great.  We are starting the pups on their "real food" and they are ready for it with their teeth that have grown in.  Momma thinks she's ready to start weaning them too even though she's been very cooperative to let them continue nursing.  Here's our latest video.  There seems to be a few technical glitches with YouTube tonight.  It took us a couple of times before the video would start uploading.   We are thinking that YouTube is having some issues, so if this video isn't working for you tonight, then try again tomorrow.  

Update 10/09
Can you imagine 3 pudgy, adorable pups cuter than these 3?  I think they're pretty hard to match.  Their little eyes are open, their ears are unsealed and they can hear good.  They are walking and yup, their teeth are coming in.  Momma knew that before anyone else!  She's still very content to let them nurse despite having some sharp teeth and so that's good!  The weather hasn't been very good lately and tonight we built a little fire in the fireplace and just enjoyed an evening relaxing with the pups on our laps.  Aspen played outside a little tonight until it started to rain and then she was ready to come in for the evening and nurse the pups before bedtime.  

Update 10/02
How time is flying.   The pup's eyes are starting to open and we're wondering if they are starting to hear a little too since they will sometimes respond to noise occasionally.  They are still scooting around on their tummies but are also starting to try to get their feet under neath them.  Sometimes they will push up and get off the blanket, but not for very long.  With just 3 of them, there is plenty of milk from momma to go around.  Mr. Red looks a little smaller than the others, but he's a normal sized pup.  Mr Brown and Lil' Miss Yellow are both very avid eaters and have grown to be above average size so far.  
We hope you enjoy tonight's video.

Update 09/24
Happy 1 week old to these pups.  They are doing great and growing fast.  We made a video to give a little more details about each pup.  Last Friday, we had their first Vet appointment to do their tails and dewclaws.  Everything went well and the Vet gave the pups a big thumbs up for their health.  The video has a few more details.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Update 09 /19
Hi Everyone.  We made a little video tonight.  It's just a short one to show off these amazing pups.  So basically, if we are expecting pups and have some event we are supposed to be to then we either miss the event entirely or we split and one of us stays home to keep on eye on momma. The first part of the video is some footage we took on September 14th.  At the time we took the video on the 14th, we knew that Aspen's delivery date was getting close, so we never left her side starting on the 13th.  We didn't want her to sneak off and have the pups somewhere without us knowing.   So, the 14th was a Friday evening and there was a big annual "harvest ball" for our community and it's a pretty big deal with a huge dinner and a live band.  Adam decided he would stay home with Aspen and let the rest of the family go have some fun.  Adam got some video of a few minutes with Aspen on the couch.  This is pretty much how Aspen is when she's ready to be a couch potato.  She will not let you rest until she's fallen asleep.  She'll crowd your personal space and make sure you're constantly giving her attention and won't let you get away with slacking off for even a few seconds.  And with such a great dog, we indulge her when she's prego and give her all the attention she wants.  At about minute 3:50 the video switches over to some footage we took of the pups on 09/18 just after the pups were born.  It was kinda funny how attentive Aspen is to her pups and you can tell in the video at about 4:25 when she puts her head over the pups to cover them from the bright light of the flash on the phone camera.  So we took the hint that she didn't want to be bothered and stopped the video.  Anyway the pups are doing great.  We hope you enjoy the video.