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We are pleased to announce our three newest pups.  Photos were updated on 04/13.
These pups will be 7 weeks old and ready for pick up on May 11th.
They will be 8 weeks old and able to fly home on May 18th. 

Update April 20th
Hi Everyone!  Wow, what a difference a week can make.  Look at these pups go!  They love to be outside and playing in our large playpen on the lawn.  

Update April 13th
 The pups are growing so fast and it's easy to see, they love to eat!  What little chunks they are becoming.  Momma's milk is very tasty and healthy and she's been ultra cooperative at taking the time to be with them and keep them happy and well fed.  Their tails and dew claws are healing nicely.  They are chubby enough that they are just barely starting to waddle around, but it won't be long until they'll be hopping all over the place.  

Update April 6th
We made the intro video of the pups today.  We try to start off with an overview of each pup and emphasize whatever makes each pup unique so people can follow them along as they grow.  We also started the photo album of each pup too.  The link to those albums will stay near the top of this page so people can easily find them after we periodically update those.  

Update April 2nd
It's been a busy time for us since the pups were born and we finally got around to uploading the video we took the night the pups were born.  It's just a short little clip, but you can see the pup's tummies are nice and round from getting their first taste of momma's milk.  We've also had the pups into the Vet for their tails and dewclaws and those are healing up just great.  The Vet said the pups are looking healthy and strong too.

Update: March 23rd 

Our Sweetie and Cliff's three boys have arrived and are doing very well.  Sweetie did a wonderful job giving birth to these big fellas.  They were just a couple days overdue when they were born and that gave them just a day or too to grow a little larger than most pups are at birth.  This is Sweetie's first litter and she handled the delivery just great.  She continues to mother them amazingly well.  Our Sweetie just absolutely loves to get outside and play fetch, but since these pups were born, she has taken her responsibilities very seriously and only wants to be outside just long enough to take care of "business" and then she zooms back in and wants to go straight to her pups and make sure they were fine while she was away.