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Our Spring Litter  

Photos were last updated on April 21st

Our Daisy and Cliff had their pups on March 29th.  We are blessed with 6 females and 5 males.  We'll be updating the website with photos and videos.  This page will contain our most recent post, updating you on the progress of the litter as things transpire.  So check back weekly for more details.  

This litter will be 7 weeks old and ready for pick up about May 17th.
They will be 8 weeks old on May 24th, right before Memorial Day weekend.  We fly our puppies on Saturdays, so they will be ready to fly out the Saturday after they are 8 weeks old.  So, they'll be ready to fly out on May 26th (Memorial Day weekend)

Click on the link to go their photo album.

Update April 20
Hi everyone.  The latest video is here.  Their eyes are open and they are really starting to get pretty good at walking.  They can also hear now too.  They notice and will act a little startled if we make a loud noise.  In a nutshell, they are so dang cute.  It's so fun to hold them and roll them on their back like a baby and rub their tummy.  They take their little front paws and wrap them around your hand like a little puppy hug.    We hope you enjoy the video.  We'll be doing some photos soon.

Update April 11
We put together a video from tonight's evening "milk shake"  These pups are so fun to watch squirm around and nuzzle their way up the line to get their dinner.  You'll notice that we will move some of them around periodically to wake them up to make sure they get a turn.   You may also see that these pups can drink milk in almost any direction and sometimes upside down.  You'll notice Daisy giving them a sponge bath.  Some of the pups have wet spots on their fur.  It was from Daisy dripping water on them after she had gotten a drink of water herself.  It's no surprise that Daisy drinks a ton of water to keep up with the hydration demands of 11 nursing pups.  The pups are trying so hard to walk.   They can't quite get their balance.  That will change very quickly though.  Their eyes are also starting to peek open.  It will be a little bit after they are open before their eyes will be able to see clearly.  Their tails and dewclaws are also healing up very good.

Update April 4
Life with puppies can get crazy sometimes.  Thanks everyone for your patience while we got photos and the intro video put together.  We'll be uploading the video tonight.   The intro video is below and gives a really good close up of each of the puppy and highlights their unique differences.
We have an extra fun photo of Dark Blue when he was yawning.

Update April 1
Hi Everyone.  We made a little video to show off these darling little pups.  They are doing great.  We have a color ribbon for each pup so we can monitor each pup's progress individually.  When they are first born, momma doesn't produce milk yet.  She does produce colostrum and it is an essential boost for their immune system. The pups get a healthy dose of that and their tiny tummy seems to be satisfied.  They act content and have good energy to squirm around.  Daisy's milk is just starting to come in and the pups get a little milk mustache as they nurse.  It's fascinating to think that these pups can't see or hear yet.  Their eyes and ears will be sealed closed for the next little while.  So they are completely dependent on their sense of smell to find momma and figure out which side of her produces milk.  It's an amazing time.  We keep the pups a toasty 80-85 degrees so their body doesn't spend it's energy to stay warm.  We want them to use their energy for development.  Daisy is doing great.  She's attentive to her pups and content to hang out with them to nurse.  She does appreciate the breaks we give her to get outside and stretch her legs.  Tomorrow we are headed to the Vet for their first appointment to have him check them out and get their tails docked and dew claws removed.  

Update Mar 27
We made a little video of Daisy tonight in the whelping box.  We wanted to show off her belly.  It's getting really big!  She's still her happy and healthy self as you can see in the video clip.  She's an amazing V.  She has slowed down the last couple of days and that's a good thing.  We've noticed some very preliminary signs of her getting ready for the delivery, so we've started letting her spend some time in the whelping box.  She loves to climb in and relax on her little bed in there.  We can see her furry tummy move when her puppies wiggle inside but Daisy wasn't interested in holding still  long enough for that to happen for the video.  She had just had her dinner and knew it was time to go outside for some evening play time.  

Update Mar 18
We had a question about the size of Daisy and Cliff so we thought we would get updated measurements tonight.  Daisy and Cliff are both very close in size and weight.  Since Daisy is pregnant, we don't know her current weight, but she and Cliff and very similar in build when she's not pregnant.  They are both a full 23 inches and Cliff is a lean and muscular 50 lbs right now.  We took some new photos and they are posted below.

Here are Cliff's Photos

Here are Daisy's
You can tell, she's very pregnant.  She's still carrying them up high and she looks like a chubby pigmy goat when she's up and walking.