About Us

Hello!   We are Adam and Katie 

 We aren't a big kennel.  We are Vizsla enthusiasts and just happen to be barely savvy enough to have built our own website from scratch to make your life and ours a little easier. We know our website isn't the most modern out there, but we built the website to answer most of your questions and provide helpful info regardless of whether you pick a puppy from us or not.  

We took this photo a few miles from our home at an old farm.

Valley Creek Vizsla is located in northern Utah.  
We moved to our rural community in May 2013.  
Our family and our dogs loved the move.  
Our kids love to play with them and are excited about helping with the puppies.  
We have a 3,400 square foot home on a 1/2 acre lot.  
There's plenty of room for everyone here. 


 The photo below is of the lake that's located about 500 feet from our backyard.

We are surrounded by high desert dry farm fields and pastures. 
A few hundred feet out our back door is a long narrow lake to swim in with a couple of miles of shoreline to explore on your way to the warm springs that are it's head waters.   
Most people think we're nuts for living away from everything but it's just perfect for how we want to live.  
Life is a pure adventure!   

Feel free to drop us a note.  Our email is valleycreekvizsla at gmail dot com.  
On the website, we spell out the @ and .com hoping to throw off scanners and have less spam end up cluttering the inbox.  

We respond to emails as soon as we can.  
Since our lives are very busy, we prefer to communicate via email.  
We give out our phone number to people who make a deposit on a puppy since we know we need to be available to discuss matters which may be time sensitive.  

We live in a Vizsla's paradise.  Miles of open space around us and water and BIRDS!
Here's a short little video clip taken one evening in late March just after a spring storm had dusted our mountains behind us with snow.  
If you could here the actual audio of the clip, you'd be surprised at how many birds you can hear....Canadian Geese, Pheasants, Song birds and such.
The video shows  some of our namesake's "Valley Creek" that provides so much life to this beautiful valley.  

When we want to go relax, our family enjoys camping up Logan canyon and playing at Bear Lake.  
Here are a few photos from trips there.

Our Philosophy

I am an advocate of the “natural”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not against “western medicine” for my family or my dogs when it is needed.  My life has been spared on SEVERAL occasions by the expertise of highly trained doctors.  And my dogs have also benefited from the knowledge of our wonderful vet!  But that said, if there is a natural way to help, I like to try that first.

I believe a raw diet IF DONE CORRECTLY is the best thing you can do for your dog.  I believe in vaccinating as a puppy, but then not overdoing it.  I believe there are natural ways to fight parasites in our pets.  And I believe following a more natural route where possible will build their immune system.  There is growing research showing that all the chemical agents we are putting in our pets are actually impacting their immune systems and leading to degenerative diseases and cancers.  And I believe that early alteration or “fixing” of our pets is leading to many of these same problems.  These beliefs are the foundation of our personal pet ownership.  But, you do not have to subscribe to the “natural” as I do.  We strive to care for the puppies that we breed so they are ready to seamlessly step into the “natural” or the more “normal” home.  Your tendency to lean one way or the other will not influence the decision of whether or not to place a puppy with you.  That decision is based on how good of a match the vizsla breed is for you.  These beliefs are simply the basis of our 1 year vs. 3 year health guarantee.  And I bring them up as an explanation of the reasoning for such.  And also to help educate those who feel similarly but don’t know how to make it “work” for their dog.  I believe we are all trying to do what we feel is best for our pets that we love!