Private Voice Lesson Scholarship

This scholarship (provided by an anonymous donor) will pay for weekly private voice lessons for ONE calendar year, with an approved instructor.

This scholarship is awarded based on need, as well as an application. A student may re-apply for additional years.


Student must have completed at least one semester in the Valley Vocal Music Program (grades 9-12) and currently be enrolled.

Student must complete and submit an application:

The next steps:

  • Vocal Music Staff will review the applications and make a recommendation to the donor, who will make the final decision of who receives the scholarship.

  • Students will be notified if they have been accepted for the scholarship within two weeks of when they submitted their application.

  • Once accepted, the student will work with their director to find an approved voice teacher who has openings in their studio.

  • Anna Lee (Valley Voices Treasurer) will make arrangements with the voice teacher for the payment of lessons.

Requirements of student:

  • In order to retain the scholarship for the duration of one calendar year, the student must have NO more than two unexcused absences from lessons. This will be verified with the voice teacher.

  • The student will write a Thank You note/letter to the donor of the scholarship.

  • At the conclusion of the year, the student must write a statement summarizing what they learned or accomplished in voice lessons.

For a list of recommended teachers in the area, click HERE!!