4222 Scale Fleet

Started working on a 1:4222 scale star wars fleet. In addition to my ships I am using these suppliers:

JPG Casting: Venator, Vindicator, Dreadnaught

AMT/ERTL: Star Destoryer

Odyssey Slipways: Republic Light Cruiser, Consular

ARVEY: Corvette

StarCorp Shipyards: Rebel Runner

Plus a Micro Machines Action Fleet Republic Assault Ship and a Starship battles Nebulon B which are similar scale.

Here are some of the 1:4222 scale ships in gray resin:


Imperial Escort Carrier:


Star Galleon:

Marauder Corvette:

Lancer Frigate:

Tartan Frigate:

Corellian Gunship Type I:

Corellian Gunship Type III: