Utar Ships and Games wants to help create fun and playable Star Wars starship combat based on the Wizards of the Coast Starship Battles scale, Fantasy Flight Games Armada, and others. Contact:

FB: www.facebook.com/Utar-Games-and-Designs-109253333972969/

Blog: https://taskforce4222.wordpress.com/

Email: utar.ships@gmail.com

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Model list:


Note1 - Modular ships come in two main parts: hull and engine sections. They have a common interface to connect the two parts. Therefore hulls and engines of the same scale can be mixed and matched to create custom variants. Ask about connectors to make different combinations look more realistic.

Note2 - Starship miniature games use a variable or "sliding scale," so there is no true scale. In my opinion the ships I list in game categories are close enough in size and scale to other equivalent ships in the game to look compatible. Everyone' opinions differ. If you are not sure I recommend drawing the ships to the correct length on a sheet of paper and compare it ships in the official game. Contact me if you have questions.